1 year since diagnosis

Hello lovely ladies,

Just thought I would post as it is now 1 year since I was diagnosed with 1b1 cc. I have to say I am very grateful for all the support you have all offered. I think most people can relate that the feeling doesn't just go away once cc is gone so of course I am still worrying but I think I am getting better with time. 

Sending love and support to you all x 


That is great news one year. :-)

One year is great! It's a tough ride. Smile

Congrats! I too am about to have my one year post treatment as well! 


Hey, great news! I am a year on this month too. I am a bit puzzled about what happens next. I was ori told at a test I would have an MRI but an appointment has come through for a CT scan. Does anyone know if it matters which I have?? I have to admit I am a bit nervou :( been doing quite well but since the appointment has come through I have a shooting pain in my groin.

Fab update xx 

I had a MRI a few months ago. I dunno much about CT scans. 

Aw that's great news for you too.

I know I always getting panicky before appointments. x