one year today

Well today's my one year 'anniversary' of my RH and just wanted to say thanks to all the ladies on Jo's who have helped me along when I've had a problem or wobble. To all the ladies who are in the process of there own journey I wish you all well. I must say I feel well and appreciate the smaller things in life now and don't take things for granted anymore. It's a scary time when the 'c' word is mentioned and you think that's it but never give up. Love lea xx

Congratulations Lea ;-)

So pleased for you



Becky xx

Hi Lea

Its great to hear the positive stories and I'm so pleased to hear that you are doing well.  I'm just over a year past mine and doing well too.  Like you I appreciate the smaller things more now and don't take anything for granted.  Long may it continue!



Wahey!! Big hugs xxx


Bravo Lea!

It's great to have people with happy success stories still around showing women who are newly diagnosed that it isn't all doom and gloom. My life has turned around, I spend more time doing things to please myself these days and am a happier person for it. Isn't it odd how many people use the phrase "Life's too short" without necessarily having been faced with the possibility of a shortened version for themselves or somebody close to them. Yes, it does help you to appreciate the smaller things in life and not just take them for granted.

I hope we are all chatting on this forum for many years to come :-)

Go well


Yeahhhhhhh xx

Thank you!!! This post came at a good time For me; 2 weeks post op it feels like I'm never going to be well again.

Molly xxxxxx

Your welcome mollz, believe me I feel your pain but it does get easier take it slowly. This year since my operation has flown by. Love lea xx

Hi Lea, I was 1 year about 2 weeks ago, congratulations, & may good health stay with you!