Today marks 12 months since i was origially diagnosed.  I can remember this day (like it was yesterday).  Feeling slightly emotional - but also thankful that I have survived.  Had a nightmare of a day that day - as that was the day my dog also died too (16 years we had her).

Sometimes you need something like this to happen - to realise what is important in life.

Sorry for the rant - feeling slightly emotional today xxxxx

Congratulations kazza. It's just a couple of days after my diagnosis first year anniversary. It's amazing. Celebrate!

Absolutely hun!  I intend on having a couple of glasses of prosecco after work!

I'm jittery at the moment, I'm due a check up and it marks my year anniversary too. 


Hope you're well Kazza and continue to thrive x  

Congrats KazzaG :-) So happy for u my one year from surgery was February . Pray that all stays well for u.

Thanks ladies. I don't think we can help getting emotional but it's also a time to celebrate. Hope your check ups go ok and pray all goes well for you ladies too xxxx

Hi Kazza! 

Sending love! It's coming up to my year anniversary since I was diagnosed too next month! It's very strange isn't it.

You (and every other lady here who has come so far) are an absolute rockstar!! And an inspiration to everyone reading! It's reassuring that we are all experiencing the same kind of things. Every stage of this brings something new, but we are getting there one day at a time :) xxx 

I'm so happy for you!!! I have adenocarcinoma 1B1 and I have my radical hysterectomy including lymph nodes and ovaries. I'm so happy to read this tonight, I'm having a super emotional day. I'm so worried about my surgery and the coming surgical menopause. Your story gives me hope. If you ever want to share your journey from hysterectomy to NED I'd love to hear it.