Watery pink discharge post op


This is my first post, but I have been lurking around reading all the other posts since my CC diagnosis.

I am now almost 5 weeks post op. I had a radical hysterectomy on 28th January and everything has been going well. I barely had any bleeding, which had stopped altogether within 3 days and nothing since until yesterday when I have started with a very slight pink watery discharge. Due to having a transplanted kidney I have had blood and urine tests recently so can be pretty sure I don't have infection and in general feel very well.  I wondered if the discharge could be down to the internal stitches dissolving or if I have over done things? Has anyone else experienced this? I am due for my 6 week post op check next Monday but was hoping someone could put my kind at ease in the mean time. Thanks x 

Hello Violet :-)

Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you have had to join us. A rad hyst is a huge operation and the body takes really quite a while to get back to normal. I don't imagine that this is anything to be concerned about and I would think it can wait happily until your appointment on Monday but if it's causing you anxiety then just give your doctor a call to set your mind at rest.

Be lucky