help..leaking a urine like substance

Hi everyone...I'm 9 days post radical hysterectomy and lymph node removal and have just had a scary experience..I wonder if anyone has experienced the same? 

,I has been told to expect some lymph fluid leakage /discharge from my vagina but today I've had what I could only describe as a full flow rine type liquid tinted with a pinkish blood running from my vagina..I have no pain. I just wonder if it is lymph fluid because to me it looks like urine..There is no stopping it either it's literally running done my legs when I stand up!

Help please

Kay xx 

Oh Kay, that would freak me out too.

I haven't had a hysterectomy so I have no experience or expertise to offer you here, however when I had an emergency operation for a torted ovarian cyst the gynae hospital team told me I could call them in the week or so after my discharge if I had any worries or concerns. Could you call the hospital ward you were on to get some advice/reassurance from a doctor or one of the nurses? It's only just over a week so it's not unreasonable.

In my non-expert opinion, the fact that you describe the discharge as 'pinkish' suggests 'stained with a little blood' rather than 'fresh blood' which would be reasonable given the amount of 'rummaging & stitching' they've done up there. It's also strongly likely to be lymphatic fluid - we produce a lot of he stuff! It sounds as if you need absorbent pads for a few days and reassurance that this is normal and/or will slow down and go away some time soon. I'd definitely call to speak with someone for that advice/reassurance. It's probably entirely normal, but if it isn't it's best not to leave things too long. Either way, you'll have some piece of mind.

Be gentle with yourself. 

Try not to worry. I had a radical hysterectomy too back in February and had the same thing happen. I was dripping like a tap every time I stood up and I was worried that it was some form of incontinence. I rang my nurse and she thought it could be urine and advised me to do some gentle pelvic floor exercises. I wasn't wholly sure this was what is was as I hadn't had any problems before and was fine for the first few days after the catheter was removed. Anyhow, after a week it stopped. I'm convinced it was lymph fluid as my legs went from being very swollen to normal size in that time so it seems too much of a coincidence. I would give your nurse a ring and see what they think.  Try not to worry - I know it's hard but I'm sure it'll calm down in a few days. Take care x