Post Hysterectomy Discharge - ewww

Hi Ladies

this may be a bit TMI so apologies.

I am 8 weeks post rad hysterectomy + ovaries and for the last 5 days i've noticed discharge, it started out milky and is now pinky brown tinged, its quite runny.  There is no noticeable smell with it but there is a lot of it and i'm having to use panty liners now to save my underwear!

i also have a pain in my right hip today which started today not sure if it's related.

As i type this i think a visit to my GP will be in order but I wondered if anyone had experienced anything similiar.


Hi Pat,

am a number of weeks behind you so can't really offer advice...

after having no discharge at all, I have noticed a discolouration, sort of brown, the past day or two. Is this down to the stitches dissolving as is 2wks since op? I've put it down to this, did you experience this?

think u already know what to do, u need to call GP in morning. Best to be safe! Most prob be nothing or just need some antibiotics

xxx dons


i had no discharge for about 2 weeks and then bleeding started at week 2 till week 4 - it ended once i stopped the nightly injections.

i'm off to see my GP this morning so we shall see.


Good luck! Hope it's something simple and easily sorted x

quick update - in case any other ladies have a similiiar issue.

back from the GP and very nice she was too - i was in there for nearly 30 minutes.

she and the practice nurse had a look as though doing a smear, everything looks fine and has healed nicely(reassuring to know) and swabs were taken.

she thinks it may be the HRT working a little to well so ironically i have the opposite of vaginal dryness!!!


Oh my word!!!

typical, isn't it?! At least isn't serious and ur mind has been put to rest. Looks like u need those panty liners that you've most probably just got rid of lol!

glad all is ok

xxx dons