Leaking / discharge lymphatic fluid after hyst

Has anyone experienced a watery pink discharge which looks a lot like the drainage lymphatic fluid after srgery? Im day 11 post op and filling up my pads quite quickly, and can feel the leaking gush when sitting down or standing up. Just wondering if this is normal or concerning. I did ring the h and they said as long as it is not fresh blood then to wait to speak with Dr. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them? 


Thanks Krissi x

Hi hun hope you're ok. I had this too! At one point I thought I had peed myself! Like the H said as long as it's not fresh blood it's fine. Mine lasted a day or 2. If you have any other questions just ask!

I'm having this

i see loads of people saying "watery discharge" but they don't say where from! I swear mine is coming from where you'd pee from not from my actual vagina and my uretha feels a little tender though I don't I think I have an infection or UTI- is this similar to you? Is also pinkish

no bloody information on this! The dr shocked me with my lletz. hadnt even done the colposcopy and was saying he was going to do treatment. At the time I thought ok well that gets it out of the way but I didn't have enough time to take it in and ask questions! he said after "do you have questions?" umh I'm going through a bit of shock right now and feeling very emotional and whoozy from the LA so I can't really think!! I actually hope I have to go back cos I'll be having words with the next dr I see because although the dr I had was actually very nice the appt was not very informative And I didn't appreciate having that just spurn on me but I was already so sick with nerves I just went along with it. Now I've had time to reflect on it I am actually quite peed off about it.

Well that turned into a rant, sorry LOL

Thanks Kazza, 

i have told my Oncologist/surgeon and he's worried it's urine so I have to undergo a scan to check my urinary ststem is ok as he said it's not normal. 

Will let u know how I go :) 

also my pathology results came back and lucky no spread to nodes but they are still recommending radiation :( ah well just another step to add. im thinking our holiday is just not gonna happen. 

Hi Blossom, 

im thinking mine is leaking from vagina but I'm not sure. Going to get tests done today so should know very soon. 

I'm sorry about your experience-The Drs forget that this is all new to us and we know nothing.. and are so overwhelmed that questions only come after when we can't ask them! big hugs and I hope you feel better soon.

Krissi xx