Vaginal Discharge

Hi all, I'm 17 days post rad hyst and my discharged has changed colour and has a very strange odour. I was checked for UTI on Tuesday at doctors and non present. Ive checked on other forums and others have said that the discharge can change colour and smell due to internal stitches dissolving, has anybody else had this? I don't want to keep calling my doctor but also don't want to leave it either in case there is an infection. Thanks guys!

Hi Kazza:

I'd call the doctor. Better safe than sorry. I had a simple hysterectomy - kept ovaries and no node removal - but never had any discharge. 

It would put your mind at rest and if it's an infection they'd probably whack it with some antibiotics. Do you have any kind of fever?

take care, t xx

Hi Hun, no fever, although I'm still feeling very dizzy and suffering from headaches since the operation. I'm not sure if this is down to my hormones or blood pressure as this has also been low since the operation. Ive got an appointment it's my GP tomorrow and follow up meeting on Wednesday with consultant to find out the results from my lymph nodes, keeping envy thing crossed xxxx