Advice please.

Hi everyone,


I could do with a little bit of advice & support. I'm over 5mths post op (radical hysterectomy) and have been recovering really well. Last night however I noticed a pink discharge after sex, and obviously my first thoughts are that my cancer has returned. Didn't sleep at all last night thinking the worst and haven't had a great day. I tried to call my cancer support nurse but she is on annual leave until September, and no-one is covering. My GP can only offer a telephone consultation on Wednesday & my consultant will see me in her clinic next Thursday (29th). I just wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar? All I want to know is if it is something to be worried about or if it could be a post surgery symptom or infection? It wasn't bright red blood, just a pinky discharge. Though intercourse had been slightly uncomfortable too. Am so scared & can't best thought of waiting until next week. Any advice welcomed.

Hi Lulu

I had the same thing as you - pinky discharge for about 6 months after my radical hysterectomy. It turned out that the top of my vagina had not healed properly and there was some tissue there that needed to be removed. After that it was all fine. Contact your consultant and ask to be seen as one way or another you won't feel reassured until someone has checked it but it is likely to be tissue that hasn't quite healed properly - that does need to be dealt with but you should be fine after  that. 


Alison x

Definitely get it checked out, but as Ali says there are any number of things it could be and most of them are easily fixable, so do try not to get too stressed until you know for sure.

The 29th will be here before you know it x