Hi everyone,
I’ve been reading different threads on the forum for a while and trying to get my head around everything.
I had a smear in July which I’d put off for almost a year, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it, but it was fine and off I went thinking no more of it. I’d had a pretty tough year, I lost a baby in march and then I split up with my boyfriend of 3 years in May. So I packed my bags and decided to go travelling for the summer, I had a ball! But when I came home on the 31st of August I was greeted by about 7 letters from the hospital/doctors and various voicemails. I spoke to the doctor who told me my smear results were extremely worrying and I must attend an appointment at the hospital for a colposcopy. I didn’t really ask any questions, I just said ok. I phoned and they gave me an appoinmemt for the next day.
I was told it was GCIN and of high grade but to be honest the consultant was very abrupt and not helpful when I tried to ask questions. She took a biopsy and did a LLETZ there and then, I didn’t really have time to think about it. I was told my results would be 4-6 weeks and when I asked if there was anything to worry about I was told ‘wait for the biopsy results from the lab’. I was back at work so just threw myself in to that and tried not to think about things (easier said than done) I’ve had a few wobbles, but generally I’ve stayed positive and I’ve just got on with things. I am still awaiting results, it’s been 4 weeks now since my colposcopy. However, yesterday I received an appointment through the post for this Thursday with the consultant. The letter doesn’t have any details, just that it’s with the gynaecologist and the time. Is this normal? She did say she’d write to me with the results and now I’m having a little panic that she wants to see me to give me bad news.
I’m quite a strong person and I’ve been very matter of fact the whole time, but now I’m feeling very emotional and can’t help but imagine the worst.
Sorry for the essay, I haven’t actually spoken to anyone about this so to write it all down felt quite good.
Any words of advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Amelia..

I can't advise if the appointment is normal, but I'm waiting also as I have glandular abnormalities on my smear. had a Lletz at my colposcopy last week. I was told I would get a letter. I can't imagine what you are feeling right now, but you are not alone. 



Hi, I just wanted to say an it may be diffrent where I am but my nurse who gave me info after my lletz said if I get a letter try not to panic it may be that they didn't get it all or that the margins weren't clear so it's discussed at a mdt meeting then they will let me know With a appointment, if it was anything wrong they have left if a while my dr told me 4-6 weeks if everything Is ok if not I'd hear sooner. Xx