Waiting times!

Hi All,

I need a bit of advice or reassurance as I think I am losing my mind with the waiting. On 05/12/2023 I was told that from a colposcopy my punch biopsies were cancerous, the consultant was very apologetic and discussed a hysterectomy and treatment, I came back for a lletz the next day, the consultant again discussed a hysterectomy or treatment and said that the cancer was covering the whole of my cervix and that she couldn’t get it all and that the cells looked high grade. She told me to prepare for at least a hysterectomy, so over Christmas and new year this was in my mind and the samples from the lletz was sent as urgent, I chased it after new year and finally spoke to the consultant she told me that there is a delay due to Christmas and new year and winter pressures and she then went on to say because I wanted to preserve my fertility (I don’t I have kids and I am 43) they might be able to try another lletz I reminded her I was not interested in my fertility and she had told me that they wouldn’t be able to do another lletz previously. So I am still waiting for staging and it is sending my anxiety through the roof, when I ring I am fobbed off and that makes me feel worse. I just don’t know what else to do as tomorrow is 6 weeks since I had the lletz. Has anyone else had to wait this long? Sorry for the long post I just don’t know how much longer I can wait I have a lot of pelvic pain and but feel like I don’t know what to do about it because I am already wating for answers if any of this makes sense.



Hi lovely.

Will keep it short

NHS UK / 3C1

77 days ( 11 weeks) from being diagnosed to starting treatment.

Can add on another 2 weeks from when LLETZ took my biopsy

Hopefully another lady might be able to give a timing for surgery

Peachy x

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re having to wait so long
On 4th December I was diagnosed with stage 1a2 Adenocarcinoma, I’ve had other biopsy’s /MRI /CT since then but am scheduled to have a hysterectomy on 27th January. So in total including my first LLETZ biopsy it would of been 11 weeks until my surgery, and then they’ll still be a wait to find out if I’ll require any radiation treatment etc just seems like a whole lot of waiting :frowning:
Hope you get an appointment to discuss your plan soon, the waiting and unknown is definitely one of the hardest bits - sending lots of thoughts your way x

Thanks for your reply. It’s been 6 weeks and I still don’t my stage or anything. I think that’s what making lose my mind :joy: it’s a bloody nightmare x

Would it be worth contacting your GP, they maybe able to help with your results?
I think from previous post I’ve read from other lady’s, it depends on location to how fast results come back. I’m Leicestershire area, soon as I had my diagnosis 4 weeks after first LLETZ biopsy, Its been much more straight forward with seeing consultants / appointments. X

I rang my gp and there’s nothing on my records it’s. The consultant hasn’t sent a letter or anything x

That’s terrible, really hope you get some information very soon :frowning: x

Im so sorry you are going through this.

My experience was a similar time last year so here it is…

Cervical screening 18 Nov

Colposcopy and LLETZ 21 Dec

Diagnosis 10 Jan

Surgery (RH) 1 March

My GP received a letter with very limited info about my diagnosis and saw me regularly between then and surgery as I had a lot of health issues at the time. She wasn’t even told I’d had my surgery and been discharged, just shocked when I had to call to have an issue resolved that should have been done on the ward.