Newly diagnosed waiting for MRI

Hi all, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 19th Nov 2018 and have MRI on Dec 17th for grading and treatment plan. I had LLETZ and will be 6 weeks from that when I have my MRI. Has anyone else had that long a wait? Gynaecologist told me that’s the normal wait after LLETZ before MRI but also said she was concerned about the depth of cells she removed. She has told me to expect surgery and radiotherapy. .

I’m not currently worried, just getting on with life and feel completely normal but wanted to put it out there to see if anyone else had experienced the same. 

It also amazed me how few people talk about cervical cancer and smear tests in general. 

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply to this. 

Hello and welcome to the forum :-)

I'm sorry that I cannot answer your questions about LLETZ or MRI since I went from walking into the gynae outpatients clinic to radical hysterectomy in nine days straight, but that was Greece where there is not an over-stretched NHS.

You have a great attitude and that will help you cruise through all the fun times you may well have lining up in front of you :-)

People find women's concave parts extremely mysterious and difficult to talk about, which is precisely why this forum is so important. You could walk into a pub and announce loudly that you had breast cancer and everybody would give you a hug. Do the same with cervical cancer and suddenly everyone needs to re-tie their shoelaces. Be bold. Talk about it in the open. Let people feel squirmy, they need to grow up.

Be lucky :-)

I waited 4 weeks for biopsies to be analysed. After that the consultant told me I had cervical cancer and would need surgery and possibly radiotherapy. I just had biopsies, no lletz, I don't know how he knows lletz is out of the question. However, in answer to your question: 6 weeks seems like a long time to me. That sounds rough, how are you sleeping? Have you looked into other trust's waiting times? I think they can vary.. 

If they think they can remove abnormal cells with Lletz they will and send samples off for analysis. Your results must have come back meaning further treatment. I originally went for the colposcopy with the intention of Lletz, but they saw it was otherwise so took samples. 

Hope someone can reply having gone through the same. I'd guess whatever it is they've caught very early xx

Hi I am in the same boat, having 15 years of abnormal smears 3 LLetz and one more removal 3 weeks ago (had some clear smears inbetween) I went to my GP as hospital wouldnt tell me over the phone that I basically have a cancerous tumour higer up, hence it not been caught until the tissue went to the lab.  I am going this afternoon to see the hospital and hoping they will give me a treatment plan, scans, etc...  I feel sick with worry and feel let doen that the smears were put back to every 3 years or this could have been caught earlier.  Any ideas what they will advise?  Im 42 and have two small children and cant stop thinking the worse xxx

Hi T white,

If the cancerous tumour is higher up then that suggests an adenocarcinoma which aren't typically picked up by smears. So try not to look back with "What ifs". It isn't helpful for you at this point, you need to put your energies into being positive and keeping well.

I think it's likely it has been caught early. The prognosis is likely to be excellent so celebrate the fact that it has been caught and now you can work towards eliminating the thing.

Good luck this afternoon,

Karen x 


I feel so let down.age 31 with 3 children.been having left sided pelvis pains for a few years scan on ovaries in March which was clear normal smears every 3 yrs,had discharge most days noticed it was smelly in last year,swab tests which ruled out infections came bk clear. Had bleeds between periods mainly after sex just when I wiped,I'm on the gedarel pill,have been on contraceptive pill since my last child 7 years ago.Had a big bleed during sex in August so went bk ti did who referred me to gaenae. Got told ectropian so referred for colposcopy and cryotherapy,noticed white areas so biopsied which came bk high cin 3 and squamous cells (cancer). Theatre following week for treatment for lletz which found a 1cm tumour, in biopsys.Told stage 1b1 without scans???? Had mri and ct last 2 days,results from scans 27th dec . I'm so scared of results,still getting left sided aches down front and back of thigh from bum to knee. I don't understand how nothing has ever been picked up on my smears.