How long for results from LLETZ or Biopsy?

Hi Ladies, 

I had my LLETZ treatment done on Friday 2nd June and am so anxious about the results... 

Please can you lovely ladies let me know how long you waiting and how you were told? Phone? Letter? 

Im in London under [name of hospital removed] so if there is anyone here in London then that would be great... But I would eeally like to hear from  many of you as I can...

Thank you for your ongoing support..!! xxxx

hi Hun, I waited 4 weeks for my results. The average wait is 4 - 6 weeks.  This is the worst part, the waiting. I received a letter to be invited back to the clinic to discuss the results. However, I have heard that they sometimes call you, every hospital is different.  God luck!

Thank you for your reply Kazza, 4 weeks is such a long time... That must have been horrible for you... I am going out of my mind already...

I am so terrified as I have had heavy slimy discharge not smelly for approx 2 years and bleeding between periods... I just wish I knew before that these were symptoms of CC I just pit them down to the pill... I am of course kicking myself now... 

I have got my MRI today on my head and neck to check if the lumps in my nose and throat are benign... I have got everything crossed that they will be... But what with both problems I'm in a total mess... 

I just want to hear that people do have symptoms and don't always have CC

And how long everyone waited for results... 

I hope that you are recovering well...!! 

Seeing lots of love xxx

Hiya Hun, the waiting is indeed the hard bit. Try and distract yourself with other things, I know this is hard. I'm a terrible sleeper anyway, but sleep was awful for me. My doctor did prescribe me with something but I only took this on a Friday night so as it wouldn't affect me for driving....etc. Please don't suffer if you're not sleeping. Good luck with your other treatment xxxx

Hiya, I also waited 4 weeks, never got a letter, got a call on the 4th may asking for me to go in the 5th to discuss results, at that point I knew what I was going to be told.

the waiting was a bloody nitemare I went out of my mind with worry I wasnt sleeping, eating etc

as kazza has said please try not to stress out and ask the doctor for something. I decided to keep myself busy with things round the house! I cleaned out cupboards, drawers etc and started a wee project in the garden lol I dug most of it up! 

Fingers crossed for quick results and good outcome xx



the waiting is in deed the hardest part, I waited 3 weeks for my leep  results , had a phone call to go in the next day for results. I had a MRI ten days after the diagnosis to see if it had spread good news that there was no evidence of this . The consultant wanted to do a radical hysterectomy on the 12th , the day I was supposed to go on holiday he looked at my notes and seen this I was ready to cancel my holiday , he told me not to and that a few weeks won't matter so I am booked in on the 27 th June . I go back two weeks after that for results to weather I need to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In all the waiting seemed longer than it really was . I'm from Tamworth near Birmingham. I hope all goes well let me know how you get on x

I'll be praying for you today! xxx

Hi bekah just wondering how ur doing x