LLETZ results

How long did it take you all in the uk to get your lletz results and how do you receive them? I haven't been waiting long but i just wanted to know an average time frame for people so I know what to expect in regards to waiting. I know the saying "no news is good news" gets thrown about but is that necessarily true in things like this? Xx

Hi Louisa

Like you, I had my LLETZ under GA and it was about 6 weeks wait for the results. I am in Surrey. Hope that helps!

The waiting sucks, doesnt it?


Hi! Thanks for the reply! Yeh I reckon the waiting is the worst, I am always thinking "don't even worry you know you're gonna be fine" but it's very hard sometimes. I am more than convinced the results will be fine but I get the odd day where I'm like "HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY KNOW YOU SHOULD WORRY ALL DAY FOR ABOUT 4 DAYS" lol! Xxx

I have had a biopsy and 2 Lletz in UK and mine have been 4-6 weeks usually. However I have phoned and chased before after a month as I couldn't stand the waiting. The wait can really vary depending on how busy the labs are and also if they need to provide further treatment (which may not mean cancer as they will sometimes want to do further procedures if they haven't got clear margins round abnormal cells)  it is a worrying and frustrating time so take care of yourself and keep busy! 

Hi I got my results yesterday. The letter was quite short. It said it was Cin 2, (at appointment consultant said Cin 2 or 3). 

It just said they had all been successfully removed and my treatment was now complete. Also that this was not cancer but may have become cancerous in time if left.

i have an appt for a smear in 6 months. Mine was really easy to understand but I suppose it depends on the consultants style. 

She said 3 weeks and it was 2 days short of this. 


this is my first post. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since my lletz, I can't remember how long they said for results as I was told so much stuff? I think they said 4 weeks but I know that was for other stuff too!? I just want to know now. Also my bleeding is really variable, some days I think it's stopped and then it's back with avengance. I know this sounds rediculous but is it possible that I can't tell the difference between post lletz bleeding and my period?! 

any advice?

Hi daisymay sorry I have only just seen this! I bled heavily for about 3 days but i think that was my period and was also partly my own fault possibly as i wasn't following doctors orders cause I'm a young rebel n all that lol no but anyway..im still bleeding but it's very light. I'm on my second lot of anti biotics because im also a maniac as well as a rebel. I'm unsure if I have an infection but don't want to risk it. Have been in pain since my lletz but it's bareable. From what I can gather the lletz can leave you in a pretty sore state. I'm giving my nunny all the time it needs to heal now and keeping my man at a safe distance. Still no news on results but going to assume I'm fine and dandy because that's how I roll. (Positive vibes) Any news on yours?? Wishing all you wonderful women a lovely Thursday xxxxx