Lletz procedure waiting results

Hi Everyone,



I'm new here and was just looking for some advice really, in august I went for my first smear test and the results came showing an abnormality I was then sent for an appointment for a colposcopy on the 9th of September. When I went for my appointment they didn't really discuss with me the level of abnormality just that they were quite concerned that something was going on? After my colposcopy I was told that nothing screamed cancer and that it just looked quite abnormal down there,I received my results within 3 days (I know really quick right) and I was told I had CIN3 so was booked in for Lletz procedure under GA on the 1st of October I'm am now feeling so emotional and worried about my results I havent been explained anything i literally saw my nurse for 1 minute before the op and didnt see anyone after that could answer my questions, I felt a bit uncomfortable and have a lot of bloody discharge TMI sorry! I haven't been told when to expect results or how to feel or what? I'm so nervous and so sacred about this whole situation.


I lost my mum 8 weeks ago to ovarian cancer and my dad 3 years ago to a brain tumour so I have a lot of cancer in my family. The one time I need my mum most and I haven't got her for advice :-( I have a wonderful boyfriend who is a great support 


I'm just a scared 25 year old wanting a bit of advice and someone to talk to 






Hi Hun,

Im also in a similar situation.

this all started with my very first smear aswel so I have no idea how long things have been dodgy for. 

I also couldn't have the Lletz done there and then & have now been referred to a gynae oncologist for more tests and surgery although I'm still not sure what surgery il be having as of yet but I'm hoping after Monday (when I have a camera into my womb) il have some kind of plan.

I hope recovery gets abit easier for you & you aren't left waiting too long.



Sorry to hear what your going through johanna, its so hard not to worry about everything and ive been lucky to not have to wait for so long with my biopsies etc! I honestly thought i would have yhe lletz procedure and all be ok didn't realise it would all get sent off again for more histology. :-/ I've red so many things on the internet and keep getting myself in a state I then got to this site which has really helped the worrying thing for me is her saying it looked abnormal up there I just keep thinking how an what does it look like!? 

It's also very annoying not being told anything like I guess for yourself you sound like your going through a tough time to :-( it's very emotional and I'm not sure how I'm suppised to feel really 


would be lovely to stay in touch I feel so alone like I said I have a great boyfriend 3 amazing sisters and lovely friends but they dont understand 




Your right, I don't think people do really understand unless they've been through it themselves. Iv already had a hysterectomy suggested to me but I'm guessing this is why I'm having a hysteroscopy on Monday & the amount of people who've told me about some random person whose had a hysterectomy is driving me mad! or "try not to worry". I don't think until we've had years and years of clears smears we will stop worrying. I wad told that what ever they take away will also be looked at and iv receive results from that so seems we will spend most of our time with legs in stirrups and waiting for results! I can't advise on waiting times after surgery as not there myself yet but I'm sure somebody will be along to give you their experience. Iv seen a lot of ladies on here wait around 4-6 weeks after lletz.


Hi Lilleyflower, you really are going thru an emotional time, it's bad enough to go through what we are having to deal with, but sosoon after losing your Mummakes it hard for you.   

The only consolation I can find with any of this is that generally things are dealt with so quickly once they get results they move at break neck speed.  It's the waiting for results that's the hardest part.  


Im glad you have supportive family around and that helps.   I have a lot of great girlfriends and they are great.  I've told my brother but not my Dad - he is 82 and we only lost my Mum a couple of years ago to lung cancer so I cannot possibly tell him anything that may remotely have the "C" word in it, even if it's pre-cancer as it would just worry him beyond belief.  I've decided I will tell him bare minimum and only what he needs to know.


This forum has been amazing and we all can support each other because we are all going through the same thing



Thanks lovely,

your right! I really hope on Monday you get some answers or at least know something hysterectomy :-( even hearing that makes me want to cry please keep me posted about how you are doing? The amount of people that keep saying that to me stop reading the net, you will be fine, stop worrying I feel like saying shut up Let me cry and talk about it! I'm really glad I signed up here although it's horrible that so many people are experiencing this it's nice to have support. I guess I'm going to be waiting a whole for results 



This site had been amazing for me. Not only haa facts but we can all share experiences and gain knowledge from that which I think is better than any amount of hospital leaflets can give us. Its nice to 'meet' people in the same position as us aswel & go through it together. 

iv found all the ladies here to be so lovely and supportive. 

I really hope you get some answers soon and things turn out well for you. 

Cry and talk all you want with us lot! 



It really has been a rough ride I was supposed to have my smear in march but my mum was really unwell so left it ungil August to get it done then it comes back with all of this can't help thinking that if I had it done sooner it would be a lower cin grade I guess I shouldn't think like that. The waiting is hard and I haven't had to wait that long it's just the silly things that go through my head that I keep thinking about, I really think we can all help and support each other that way we can help each other if were feeling low and want to rant!! I can see why you don't want to twll your dad as I'm sure he will worry a lot about the results it is such a difficult thing being in this situation. I keep thinking about children me and my partner wanted to start trying next June I've already suffered 3 miscarriages in the last 4 years and now I worry this is going to make it even harder! Feel so stressed as I'm sure you lovely ladies feel the same.



Thank you Johanna I really hope it comes out positive for all of us no one deserves to go through this or to even have to worry about it! The hospital leaflets are so standard they don't tell you at all. It's a bit silly really you should have proper meetings with the doctors to discuss your actual results, just with having CIN3 I literally got a phone call and that was it not even explaining just telling me I would get an appointment for a lletz procedure and here I am now waiting and not knowing! 



Lilleyflower, I am here whenever you want a chat. I only joined this forum today as I have been driving myself mad with worry! I too lost my mum to cancer, 16 years ago this year, I miss her more than ever! I also lost my nan to cancer a couple of months ago. I have great friends, a wonderful boyfriend and my aunt's are amazing but you're right, they don't understand just what this feels like! I had an abnormal smear, was sent for colposcopy and am not being sent in for an op on November 4th (the day my mum passed away) for another colposcoy as the first one couldn't tell them enough, I had that loop thing done at the first one. I'm bricking it!


Honestly, if you want to talk, I'm here!


Big hugs xx

Hi, i hope everything goes well for you! 


I am also here for you if you need someone to talk to as I also am very young (25) had my first smear which showed high abnormalities in cells. I went for my colposcopy last Thursday and was asked if i would like LLETZ treatment the same day and I went ahead with it. It wasnt too discomforting, the needle was the most pain but only minor pain. After I didnt really have much discharge or bleeding, only light spotting, however I was at the end of my period anyway. I wasn't really told much elase apart from that, I had the extracted cells sent off to look at so am awaiting a letter now and am really scared but hoping for the best that I am ok for now. I really want kids when i am older so hope that everything is ok in that area. 


Please keep me updated on your situation, all of you, it is good to be able to share your thoughts with others on this forum. Good luck. 


Hello ladies,

Going through the same thing myself and just wondering how your LLETZ results were?

I'm 26 years old had bleeding for 16 weeks straight keep thinking to myself it would go away, I wasn't due a smear was all up to date. finally went to gp and told them about the bleeding and they done an internal and said something didn't look right so booked me in to see gynocologist went to see them they checked and said the same so they booked me in for colposcopy and they done biopsies that came back I have cin3 had the lletz treatment last Friday they said it wouldn't be much they needed to take I had it done under General anesthetic when I came out they said they had to take quite a large part away but didn't explain why. Came home later and started bleeding heavy phoned ward the next day and I had to go back in so they could monitor me then got sent home next day as consultant said they can't look into what's causing the bleeding all the time until they get the results so now just really nervous waiting on the results.