Waiting results!

Hi all

I'm new to this so hope some1 can help me

On the 3rd of June I had to get a colposcopy and while I was there the doctor told me it was more severe than he thought so he took a couple of biopsies 

4weeks and 1 day later I still haven't got my results back

Do yous think I will have to wait much longer as im starting to get very anxious now!



When I had my original biopsies done it was almost 6 weeks until I got the results. I was told it would take a maximum of 4 but I think cervical cancer campaigns are being a downfall of their own success and there's a huge backlog for laboratories to get results though. Fingers crossed you get them soon x

Thank you for your reply

Hopefully wont be much longer its driving me insane x

Hi my results were nearing on 4 & 1/2 weeks in the end I rang the colposcopy department and they got back to me with my results the same day, I was told I had cin2 possibly cgin2 (as my cells are in the canal) I’m awaiting to go for my lletz procedure Thursday (really nervous) which I am awake for with a local instead of being a general due to my allergies to anaesthetic which is just typical of me , hope you get your results soon if not try ringing the department maybe they can help xx

Yeah I think if I don't hear soon I will give them a ring to see if they can tell me anything at all!

Goodluck on Thursday.. hope everything goes well x