Waiting for results

Hi, I’m just looking for some advice or support. I had a colposcopy last Friday after a few of months of pain, bleeding, discharge and losing weight. The consultant found an abnormal area (it was a big white bit) and took a biopsy of it. I’m still waiting for the results but I’m getting so scared, I keep thinking about the Drs expression and my symptoms seem to be getting worse (though I can’t tell if that’s psychosomatic!)
Anyway I just wondered how long the results normally take? Thanks in advance x

I was told 4-6 weeks but this is Ireland. Try not to worry too much because I had white patches on my cervix also and they did biopsy and lletz and I am also waiting on results but I think the fact that they did lletz on what was there already is a good thing and the fact they have you sent off for biopsy check is a good thing too,  it means if there is an issue they can nip it in the bud xx

Thanks for your message. gosh 4-6 weeks seems like so long to wait for something like this. Ive not been sleeping properly for the last few days so hope it's not much longer! thanks again, it's nice to know I'm not on my own in this. x

Ring the hospital appointment line (in your letter) r plain how worried you are and want to know if your results are in i got mine just after a week later by doing this. They say 4 weeks because they are always behind and the results are sitting waiting to be sent. But if you ask and there in they will tell you. Fingers crossed all goes ok xx

I don't know what to think, does it sound like it could be cancer? im worried that it is and my symptoms suggest it's developed. Damn Google honestly i know googling stuff is the worst thing I can do but I can't help it... Think I'll ring this afternoon, the thought of waiting all weekend is a be t brutal. X


im just waiting on my results after Lletz on Tuesday. They told me 4 weeks. I've had a really bad back for a while so I'm hoping it's not related. I'm trying my best to be positive but I still have that niggling doubt! Argh! 

Im happy waiting the 4 weeks so long as it's good news!! 


Emma xxx

Thanks Emma, it's horrid isn't it but you're right it's worth waiting if it's good news. I just keep looking at my baby and worrying I won't be there for her. My mum died from cancer very young so I know how that is but then again treatment has come on so much in the last 15 years it would be a different story. Good luck, keep me posted! Xx