Anyone else waiting for results?

Hi Everyone, 

Currently 4 weeks 5 days post lletz and this feels like the longest wait! Phoned this week and they told me results are currently taking 4-6 weeks. 

Thought I'd see if anyone else on here was also currently nervously awaiting their results? 

Had lletz 11th Jan 


I am also waiting for my colposcopy biopsy results. But I’ve received a letter for another appointment in the colposcopy clinic in one month. Shouldn’t I have received the biopsy results before the next appointment? Does this means that I might have cervical cancer and they want to tell me personally? How is the procedure usually? Thanks a lot 


I have only just started my wait! I had my colposcopy and lletz on Tuesday (9/2/21) so not even a week in yet but every time my phone rings or the post drops I'm on edge! It's horrible! However, a few people I have spoke to said in this situation it's normally no news is good news So I'm just holding onto that! I have my fingers crossed for you that you will get your results soon. Take care xx

I feel you candy. Thought the worst part was over but the waiting is so draining. Am checking the post like a mad woman and keep jumping when the phone rings. Had mine on 2 February so still have some time to go. You are almost there. Try to stay calm and keep powering through ? from what I understand they usually give you really bad news more quickly? But I've also been told that it takes a few weeks to test the cells properly. ?‍♀️ Such confusing and inconsistent information. Wish we were told more. 

how are your symptoms now? Feeling almost recovered yet? I'm still in pain and bleeding... was hoping to have felt better by now. ?



Thanks for posting :) 

I was ok until the 4 week mark hit and now I think every phone call will be the hospital! 
good luck with your results x

They did tell me after I had lletz that all results were taking 4-6 weeks so it really could be good or bad but hopefully it is any day now. When I phoned last week they said my results hadn't even come back in for the hospital to look at but I'm staying positive.. 

I am feeling so much better! Hit 4 weeks and two days and all bleeding etc has stopped. No more bloating and can't feel it at all but I'm yet to bath or attempt having sex yet so we will see..

Keeping everything crossed for you! ?

Glad you are feeling better. So good that the other symptoms have stopped. Hopefully having a bath or attenpting to have sex won't aggregate it either.  Am really looking forward to having a bath, but am nervous about having sex. Definitely want to wait until everything is healed properly!


I'm waiting too. It'll be three weeks since lletz in two days time.


I pulled up hospital performance stats and hospitals are meant to contact you by phone within three weeks if cancer is found after a biopsy. So that is helping me to feel calmer.


Although I'm still running off to the letter box every day. 


I'm still sticking to showering, can't wait for a bath! 

Had a lletz 13th jan so I'm waiting for my results too i rang a few times been told a part for my result is back but they have requested further testing and has now gone for a second opinion could be another two weeks am absolutely feeling so upset thinking the worse hope u all get your results soon and that they are ok 

I called colposcopy clinic today and was told all results are taking at least 6 weeks to come back. I'm devastated. The last 3 weeks have felt like the longest of my life! X

I'm now 5 weeks 1 day and I'm trying not to call yet.. may give them a ring tomorrow but all results are just taking so long. 
Although in other news - I had sex last night! Feels like such an achievement after lletz 

Oh wow, that's amazing! I was told to wait 6 weeks so it brings me hope that after 5 weeks you're at the point of feeling well enough.


I really hope you hear back ASAP xxx

Should hear back any day now fingers crossed.. 

my hospital advised 4-6 weeks wait for a bath & sex but said it all depends on our bodies as everyone heals differently but the basic rule is to wait until you stop bleeding/discharge to do it. 
Sex felt a little different at first but I think that was just me being a little apprehensive initially. & no issues with the bath but I haven't experienced any extra problems. She seems to have done a good job with my lletz

That's really good to know. Thank you. Xx

I also had LLETZ done on the samer date as you and anxiously waiting for my results, called hospital and wont give me any information. So frustrating as i want to know!


I phoned the hospital today too as for me to have a letter within the 6 weeks they would need to have my results by now.. colopscopy clinic said they couldn't see any results on my file so they gave me the number of the secetary for the department - left her a voicemail and now hoping I hear back in the morning? I waited how long they said it would be before phoning but I'm so anxious!