Waiting for results

Hi all just a quick question on the average waiting time for people's results from lletz biopsies? Does it seem to be 4 weeks or have any of you heard back sooner? Many thanks to all you lovely ladies xx 

Im at almost 3 weeks and still waiting

Hi, my results came via a phone call asking me to come into the hospital the next day 2 weeks after the LLETZ. Wasn't the best news, but all good now!

Glad all is ok for you Greta, it's horrible waiting isn't it? Ive. Been waiting almost three weeks now myself xx

im also waiting for my lletz results, will be 4 weeks tomorrow. from what i hear on here every area seems to be different with times. 


I had my first colposcopy today & lletz

I have been given an appointment in 2weeks to discuss results!


I had my colposcopy and lletz at the same time and I got my results after exactly 3 weeks! 

Hi, I finally got my results 3 weeks and 6 days later! Its awful waiting hope you hear back soon x

5.5 effing weeks and counting. I am tearing my hair out.

No way, poor you! I couldn't imagine waiting that long as nearly 3 weeks is enough but I guess the only blessing is if it was anything worrying they would of got back to you sooner I would of thought xx


It was exactly 4 weeks for me, which is what the doctor who did the biopsies told me to expect. I am in Surrey if that helps.

Good luck, and hope you don't have to wait too much longer. I guess no news is good news too. If they had found anything dodgy you would no doubt have had a call by now


Mine was quite a while! I don't remember exactly but a lot longer than 4 weeks and I had to chase it up! Despite being told four weeks. 

5.5 weeks is ridiculous, I left a message on the colposcopy nurses' answerphone...which has been ignored :(

I had my LLETZ in early May and have an appointment for results on Monday. It took them nearly three weeks to write and tell me they found an abnormality, over a week for the letter to actually reach me, and then a further 8 day wait to see the consultant and find out what's wrong. Still three days to go, but hey, sleep is overrated anyway...

I hope you get your results soon x

Hi LittleJem that seems like an awful long time to be waiting? Have they told you any more information on what they found? I'm sure it can't be to serious if they've kept you waiting this long? Xx 

Nope, D carveth, not a thing - I did phone up when I got the first appointment letter but the nurse said she couldn't give results over the phone. I'm trying to tell myself that the long wait means it can't be anything serious, but apparently a four-week turnaround for results is the norm where I live. 

I'm a bit concerned about the competence of the clinic, to be honest. I've had two appointment letters; the first just said my November smear appt is cancelled and I'm to see the consultant on 8th June instead. The second arrived almost a week after the first (but was dated the day before it) and states there's an abnormality and I'm to go in on the 8th to discuss treatment.  The problem is, both appointments are for exactly the same time and date, but in different places and with completely different people!  I've phoned four times to try and clarify but nobody has bothered calling me back, so I have no idea which appointment I actually need to turn up for, and I'm supposed to be there first thing tomorrow!  

A minor stress in real terms, I know, but I'm a worrier by nature and when you add it to the fear around the results themselves, it's kinda getting to me :-/ xx

its awful to think so many people have different waiting times, how confusing for you and it's not as if we have enough to be worrying about! Please let me know how it goes tomorrow and keeping fingers crossed for you as I'm sure if it was anything too serious they wouldn't be able to keep you waiting! Did you have any gcin cells as I've heard that they have to go to a mdt meeting to be discussed first, my smear results were gcin but my consultant at the lletz didn't mention this at all, it's all so confusing, big hugs to you for tomorrow xx