Waiting for LLETZ resuts...

Hi everyone

I know there has been variations on this post before but I just thought I would ask the general consensus on waiting times following LLETZ. I had LLETZ under local anaesthetic for a large area of CIN3. The nurse said that she went down approximately 7mm and believes she was able to remove all of the abnormal cells (from what she could see). She said I would receive my results in writing within 4 to 6 weeks but she would call me before then if it was bad news.

It is now 17 days since my treatment and as I haven't heard anything I'm being cautiously optimistic. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself but I was a nervous wreck for the last two weeks because I was convinced that I would be getting a phonecall asking me to come in sooner.

I know it varies depending on which particular Trust you are under but I am keen to hear from any of you regarding how long you waited for your LLETZ results and whether it was a positive or negative outcome. I apologise in advance if this seems very nosey but my colposcopy and LLETZ all happened very quickly (I had results of CIN3 within one week) and I am feeling a bit more relaxed as I haven't heard anything for over a fortnight.

Thanks ladies xx

Im in the same boat, I had mine on Monday and I almost die everytime I hear the postman! I would Imagine no news is good news! Its the most worrying time ever! Hopefully you will get the good news soon! Give the clinic a call to see if they are back yet xx

Hi AJ88,

In terms of time scales I had my smear on a Weds, fast forward one week and 6 days later and I get a call from the hospital (Tuesday) asking if I can make an appointment for the following Wednesday. 3 weeks in total. I was going absolutely out of my mind for that one week (and several weeks after lol) and then, as worried says every single time I checked the post and everytime my phone rang. 

From spending time on the Jo's site I'd say you can hedge your bets on no news being good news. In total I waited for 3 and a half weeks for the results letter to pop up in my postbox (I'm under Leeds Teaching Hospitals). My smear was moderate dysk. and my LLETZ results confirmed CIN2. The abnormal area went to the edge of the biopsied area, but 6 month check up showed all was normal :) I've not been HPV tested so I'm on yearly checkup's for now (but this is better for me becuase I'm a huge worry wort anyway lol).

Sending you loads of positive thoughts :) x

I had my smear and got a high grade result they had me in for  colposcopy and loop biospy with two weeks im the same with the post I had a mini panic attack when a letter came through from hospital however it wasnt my result just a letter saying what they done, I hope they come soon not sure if I can stand the wait x x keep us posted 


In Poole area my waiting time is 4-5 weeks which was same for colposcopy results and they didn't get back for 4 weeks .It is a long time to wait and life is on hold for me until I get the all clear. Fingers crossed for us all

i had my LLETZ 3.5 weeks ago and rang the hospital thursday and they said should be about a week or so.... so as i have seen and heard from others waiting times are around 4-5 weeks xx

Hi girls

Thank you all so much for your responses, they were very much appreciated!

Icouldn't wait any longer so I contacted the hospital on Fri afternoon. I am very pleased to say that I received my results over the phone. Apparently they believe they removed all of the CIN3 successfully & I have been discharged to my GP for another smear in December :)

Thank you all again for your support- this forum has been invaluable to me at such a difficult time. To those of you who are still awaiting results, I hope yu all get good news very soon xx




YAYYY congrats on good news..... i'm still blimmin waiting, 4 weeks now grrrr lol xx