Waiting for results

Hi there,

just a quick question really, how long have you all had to wait before getting your results post lletz procedure? 

It's been over 4 weeks for me, called the hospital and they said they have my result in but can't tell me on the phone and I'll have to wait for a letter still. 



katie x

Afraid I can't answer your question because I'm currently waiting for my results too - it's rubbish isn't it?! Fingers crossed you get yours very soon. 


I'm just wondering whether you're still waiting? I'm 3 weeks post lletz and already fed up of waiting, hoping it won't be too much longer.

Thanks x


so I chased last week and they said my results were in and needed to wait for my consultant to write a letter and couldn't tell me on the phone...no letter this week. So I called colposcopy yesterday and asked if someone could get back to me and tell me over the phone today. Letter been done not sent and all clear thankfully. 

my advice is just chase it yourself, they were really lovely and helpful and said I shouldn't have waited this long and should have received a phone call to tell me by now. 

katie x


I have been waiting 6 weeks now for my Lletz results. Was pretty positive at first but now getting really anxious and struggling to keep going and keep putting off ringing them.