awaiting results.

Hi all, had my colposcopy under ga on 29th april.

They performed lletz at the same time. Consultant said looks like cin2, however there were a couple of patches she was worred about so sent them to the lab.

I am worried about this purely because she seemed concerned.

I still haven't had results and don't know how long i should wait.

Hi Kittykat

If you are feeling brave enough you could try a cheeky call. My results were in within 2 weeks but it took almost another 2 weeks to get it officially in writing. Try asking on the main switchboard for your Consultants secretary, may not work as it depends on consultant/lab etc availability but worth a shot 

Big hugs x

As above, give your clinic a call and swe if they've had them in. If not they should be able to advise when to expect them. Although in general they say 4-6 weeks X

Hi all. Thank you for your comments.

Rang them even after 2 weeks my biopsies are still being tested. 

Yawn. When you are worried as it is. It really doesnt help with a long wait.