waiting for results.....

Hi all, I have just had my lletz done with biopsy for CIN3, just wondering if everyone else's waiting time for results is up to 4 weeks?? Seems like such a long time to find out what's happening?? Thanks everyone.

Hi Tarsha

I had four punch biopsies on Wednesday for suspeted CIN3 and CGIN. I have had my LLETZ booked separately as I need a general anaesthetic for it. But I have been told 1-4weeks for my biopsy results depending on how busy the lab is. My biopsy was marked as urgent (worried about why!)

Maybe they told you 4 weeks to manage your expectations.

I have a friend who works in the labs for some of the London hospitals. I pinged him a message yesterday asking him to explain how it all works, and whether if it is bad news (CC) I will get my results sooner. As soon as he responds, I will share the info!

Hang in there in the meantime, if you'd like to chat to keep your mind off the wait just hit me up as I am also beside myself with worry x

Oh girls this waiting game is so frustrating!

I had a loop biopsy two weeks yesterday, they look several samples, I called Wednesday and they said the results were in but would have to wait for my letter as they can't discuss results on the phone, waited for the last post today (the promised it would come before the end of the week) and nothing.

I don't know whether to be relieved as the fasted the results come the worse it is, even if the Colop nurse said by what she saw it's likely I will need a cone biopsy....the nurse said there was a backlog with the letters so hoping that means I'm not urgent/priority but at the same time don't want false hope!!!





Makes the waiting game easier knowing we are waiting together!!!

Hey Shortnamerequired - I am a bit of a pro at this bit as I have a long term health condition anyway. If you want the letter, and it is not arriving, you can call and ask the hospital if your GP was copied in. If your GP was, you can call them and explain - if you ask nicely and explain how worried you are, they will usually print you a copy of the letter they got and leave it at reception for you to collect right there and then.

I am not sure if the hospital would do this for you too, I've never tried as most things do go to the GP too.

Let us know how your results go and good luck x

Thank you!


feeling slighty anxious, have a young daughter and was told I would most likely need GA cone biopsy so need to be mentally prepared for it! The idea of having something wrong with me and having to leave her is a daily worry at the moment.


Again thank you for your prompt reply, hope we all get the results we need!



Thankyou all for your support.  We are all in this together.  This whole scenario is still confusing for me, so just trying to learn as much as I can.  Thanks again ladies!!!!!


My friend just replied to me, he said that anything marked urgent would usually be processed at his lab in 5 days tops and the results would be faxed to the doctor the same day. Although that is just HIS lab, he can't speak for all of them. Otherwise around 2 weeks, 4 weeks would be if they were completely snowed under but that rarely happens

Hey girls! I called the Colp office on Friday after not getting my letter and left them a message, just got a call back and the letter read to me,  and they confirmed I need treatment (cone biopsy) as there a high level of naughty cells(!! - my words not hers!) that may turn into something nasty over time, under GA next week as I am on my period this week.

Recommend you to call in and ask, as apparently my letter was sent out on the 13th, persoanlly thats a long time for me to just want and not be sure what is happening!


Amna xxx



I'm currently on day 19 of waiting for my results! It's so great having the opportunity to be in touch with other people also waiting. 

Shortnamerequired - how come you have to have to have a GA?  How are you feeling abotu it?  

To be honest, I'm feeling relatively relaxed about all of this, I feel like if there is anything, it's OK, because it's being dealt with.  To be honest, anyone not having their usual/proper checks should be more worried than we should ;)