Waiting on cervical biopsy results

Hi all.

New to the chat and currently driving myself insane. I had my routine smear in July this year and got a letter from the hospital for a colposcopy appointment.  My consultant explained to me I have CIN 3 severe dyskaryosis with moderate changes . he went ahead and sent biopsies. That was on Sept 6th.

I haven't had any bleeding but have been attending my gp from the beginning of this year with constant pelvic, hip, leg and lower back pain and constant period like cramps and feeling beyond exhausted.  However I didn't know these are all symptoms of cervical cancer until after my appointment so didn't mention it to the consultant. I think I was still in shock too from what he was telling me.

Anyway it's been 4 weeks now and no results. I rang the hospital on Monday and the receptionist checked and said my results are back but the doctor is off!!!! I've found the waiting so so hard and find it hard to think about anything else and get on with my day. I'm 34 and a mum of a 7 year old boy. Plus I've been on the pill (minus pregnancy) for over 15 years. 

Has anyone had similar symptoms and still waited long on a not so good diagnosis? 

Thanks xx

Hey, I had LLETZ on 21st August and waited 6 weeks to be told I had CIN2&3. I also have lower back pain and fatigue often, and have done for the past year or so. I also bleed after sex - and still do since lletz - but like i say, only had cin2&3. 

My results were back at the hospital for a week before my cinsultant looked at them and rang me with the results, so definitely keep ringing them so you can get them asap. I even asked the secretary to tell me my results without the consultant going over them and she eventually said that they werent bad results, so that put my mind at rest until the consultant phoned me. 

I hope this helps. xxx

Hi thanks for your reply! Glad to hear it wasn't more serious for you! I'm sure you were relieved after all that time. The waiting really plays havoc with your mind. I will keep in touch and update. Hopefully it's not much longer now. yell

I have been waiting just over 5 weeks for mine. It’s so frustrating. I threw the letter away with the number on too. Yesterday I phoned my Drs and they had nothing back. They gave me a number for the hospital which straight to voicemail ! So annoying. I just have to wait. We barely seem to get any post and I never see the post man which is annoying me even more haha.


hope you hear something soon xx

Hi smile I rang the hospital again yesterday and spoke to the receptionist.  She said my consultant is still off. I asked was there no consultant covering and she said there is but they are off too!!!!! She looked in my file and my results are still waiting to be looked at. So they have been sitting there nearly for nearly 2 weeks now. My consultant is supposed to be doing a clinic on Friday so I have to ring on Friday afternoon if I haven't heard anything! I'm sore everyday so it's hard to keep positive. I hope you hear soon too!! What was your smear result? Xx

So finally got my results yesterday. I have to go back to hospital on Friday 25th to discuss my results with the consultant. The receptionist couldn't really tell me much other than the abnormalities are there and the consultant will talk me through everything so I'm guessing it will be treatment on the day but she couldn't tell me for sure. Not the news I'd hoped for but relieved I finally know something and have date in my head. I hope whoever has been waiting like me have got results back too x

Hi Rachel did your results come through yet? X

Just an update. I had my lletz treatment yesterday. My biopsies confirmed severe dyskaryosis CIN3. Seemingly from my consultants explanation the abnormal cells are more up inside the cervix opening than the outside surface which is why it didn't appear to be as bad on my last examination when the biopsies were taken. 

The procedure was painless and quick. He removed a cm depth off the length of my cervix. I just feel crampy now esp when I bend down but not too bad. I do feel more relieved but I know waiting on these results now will still be a struggle.