Awaiting biopsy results - help!


A few weeks ago i was having a coil fitted (trying to control very heavy periods). They did a smear at same time & was shocked to get letter saying I was CIN3 and HPV positive. Got sent for colposcopy within 5 days of letter. They said I have the specific strain of HPV that is cancer causing and 'significant' area of high grade abnormalities. They took a biopsy but wouldnt do any treatment until results back. A four week wait and I'm a bag of nerves. I am blaming myself as I had abnormal cells removed 6 years ago but was pregnant at time of recall for smear and didn't go (I had miscarried in the previous year and was scared the smear might bring another one on - stupid I know but was rather irrational at the time!) Anyway I put off my smears after that and now I'm in this situation. If it was cancer would they have been able to tell just by looking during the colposcopy? And if the biopsy comes back ok and they do LLETZ - do they send more cells off? Could they then find something at that point???

I'm bleeding constantly and feeling tired and faint (dr said low blood pressure) but all the worry is making me ill. Worried that even if biopsy ok that won't be 100% all clear and I'll have to wait till results of LLETZ too. Any one been through similar? X



I didn't want to read and run.  I'm sorry you find yourself here.  We've allbeen in your shoes, the waiting is the worse part, and 4 wrrks seems a long time to wait, I've never had to wait more than 2 weeks.  As far as I know CIN3 is pre cancerous, but not cancer.  I'm not sure though, as I went straight to cancer.

Have you been bleeding since the colposcopy, or were you bleeding before?

Ask as many questions as you wish, or just rant to us, we're here for you.

Hi Ally,

When they do Lletz they do send the removed tissues off to be analysed so sorry yes you will have another wait I would expect around 3-5 weeks depending how busy the lab is.

The good thing about a Lletz is that it is a type of treatment(to remove abnormal cells)and diagnosis (are the cells pre cancer/cancer/clear in one step. 

They can identify some cancer during the colp (if they can see it) but with the earlier stage cancers they can't as too small / under surface of your cervix. With mine the colposcopist identified an area that looked a little unusual and removed it via Lletz and they found a very small cancer within the Lletz tissues. 

Make sure you are resting up as your body will be working hard to heal itself after the biopsy. Try not to feel too stressed as it is much more likely you will be fine and they may do some precautionary treatment to remove precancerous cells / will mmonitor you via repeat smear/colp than find cancer.

If you are concerned about bleeding particularly if it is heavy you need to call the colposcopy clinic for advice as I would think heavy bleed is unusual after biopsy but it might depend how much they biopsied. 

Sending you lots of love and a April said ask Q



Thank you so much for your messages - the information is really useful and has put my mind at ease :)

Yes the bleeding was heavy beforehand for a few months, they were trying the coil to see if it would help (but now that needs to come out before any treatment can be done!). They went ahead and did the colposcopy even though I was bleeding as it is rare for me to have a day when I don't bleed (which is rather draining in itself!) Fingers crossed I might hear something sooner than 4 weeks, but guess i'll just have to be patient and try to stay calm in the meantime!!

It's nice to hear other peoples experiences and get some support. As a single mum with no family nearby (they live in Ireland) I have been struggling to deal with the stress alone! So your messages mean alot. x