Wait is killing me!

Hi everyone, I posted around a month ago about my first cervical screening.
Basically background info is I had my first screening. 2 weeks later I got my results back as borderline changes and evidence of hpv.
Waited a gruelling week for my appointment and now having to wait 3 more weeks for my colposcopy.
In this time I have gone through every emotion possible including worrying so much I have physically made myself Ill with serious stomach cramps and even ended up back at the doctors.

I don’t really know what I’m expecting here to be honest but I am still 8 days away from my appointment and I can’t cope with this waiting anymore!
Right now I’m not coping very well and unfortunately my mum doesn’t live in the country so I’m very alone with this.
I’m terrified it could be cancer (even though my letter said it wasn’t) is there any chance they are wrong?

What are the chances of hpv clearing on there own and how long is the wait for the biopsy?

I am praying I go next week and it’s all gone but I highly doubt it. My letter doesn’t even say whether they will perform treatment there and then should I need it?

As a first timer I really feel they do not give you enough information.

I know some people might think I’m being silly but I’m just looking for some clearer answers if anyone can help?


Hi Dionne,

im so sorry you're having such a hard time. The wait really is awful. i found keeping busy between results help (i love seeing and whipped up about 20 blankets in my waiting). 

The chances you have cancer are extremely slim. There are few ladies here that have had a borderline result that have been worse at the colposcopy but when I say worse, I mean CIN 2 Which is very treatable with lletz. i had a low grade dyskaryosis result from smear and CIN 1 at colposcopy. It's highly possible that you may have this result too. If they see any abnormal areas they will take a biopsy and unfortunately more waiting will follow (around 4 weeks is the average). If it is CIN 1 or less they won't treat it at all and you will wait another year for a smear or colposcop this is because in the majority of people the CIN and hpv will clear itself. 

Sorry for rambling on. 

Hope the next week goes quickly for you And fingers crossed you have a good result from it. Xx

Thank you Sam! 

I am keeping busy some of the time I just want the whole horrible thing over with! 

Am I right in saying they will be able to tell me if I have cin1 etc on the day? 


Hi Dionne,

I had a high grade dyskaryosis result with a colposcopy appointment a few weeks later. The staff were amazing and explained everything that was happening. They didn't tell me whether it was CIN at any level, but I'm presuming it was as they gave me the LETZ procedure! I was panicking about not getting out in time to do the school run, so probably didn't ask as many questions as I could have done! I also got sent some leaflets prior  to my appointment which were useful, so maybe you could ring and ask if your clinic have something like that? Although this site is fab for answering questions.

The doctor explained that the most likely outcome would be a letter to say they had found what they expected to see, they had removed all abnormal cells and I would have a repeat smear and HPV test in 6 months. That's what I've got my fingers crossed for anyway. It's been 2 weeks and I was told the results would take 2-3 weeks but I think I'll have to be patient as my hospital is in Carlisle and has been on emergency generators following the horrific floods at the weekend so i would expect they have a backlog of work bless them.

I hope everything goes well for you x


i really do feel for you :( I was on tender hooks waiting

yes, they can tell you what they think it is. X