still waiting

Hi ladies. I had my LLETZ on Dec 4th which makes it 5 weeks this Wednesday and I still don't have any results, it's driving me insane. I really hoped to have all this behind me for the new year before I went back to work yesterday but unfortunately not. I did call at the 4 week Mark and they said my results were not back yet. I hope this question isn't insensitive but i just wondered if any of you had bad news after 5 weeks? Most the women I have spoken to or read about tend to hear back in 1-3 weeks if diagnosed, but I'm curious to know if this isn't always the case? I keep thinking the longer I don't hear the better the news but please let me know if I'm mistaken. I know Christmas will have slowed things down too. Anyway, off to work I go, another day, another dollar! Xxx

Hello im in the same position as you. I had my colposcopy on 3rd of december and im still waiting. Im not sure if the longer the wait the better the news as ive seen a couple posts that got bad news up to 6 weeks after. Id like to know the answer to that qyestion too. At your colposcopy were you told how bad the cells were or what cin u was? X

I too have noticed a few people who unfortunately got bad news after 5/6 weeks. We very much are in the same boat then, what county are you in? I went to the Church Hill in Oxfordshire. I wasn't told anything at my colposcopy, he was pretty much silent throughout, and I've never been told my CIN either but I have just assumed it is CIN 3 as that is mostly associated with severe cells I thought. I think the longer we wait the better in most cases...however I can't help but think back that with regular periods my entire life, the last couple before my smear were very late and I also bled for 2 days between them. I wasn't educated enough to know these were cc symptoms though until my smear came back abnormal and I researched it all. Do keep in touch when you find out xxx

hi there, i had my colposcopy on the 2nd dec, no treatment as she couldnt quite tell what was going on, which is exactly like my actual smear results so she took biopsies, i was told last monday that my results were in but no letter had been sent out yet, i still havnt recieved my letter. i rang them last night and got the answerphone but nobody has called me back...i am hoping this means good news but who knows, its driving me mad xxx

Hi girls!!
I had my LLETZ done on the 24th December and I’m still waiting for my results too!! It’s so frustrating!! Hope u both hear something soon!! Xxx

First smear test 2nd December
Severe dyskaryosis

Colposcopy 18th December

Urgent LLETZ needed - 24th December under general anaesthetic.

Hi Ladies. For some peace of mind for those who have been waiting a while, I just impatiently phoned my hospital (still no results in for me yet). But the lady did say that if the C word is detected then they would normally get a flagged up phone call earlier than the time I have currently waited. I sort of knew that anyway, but I think it was nice to hear her tell me it was looking good for me. Until it's official though, the worrying doesn't go away. Also for those of you who had your treatment over the Christmas period, she told me to expect to wait the full 6 - 8 weeks for results. ARRRGGGHHHHH!

Thank u for the reply Hun…
Omg 6-8 weeks!!! I suppose it makes sense due to Xmas holidays tho :frowning: I’ve got a long wait!!
Keep in touch ladies xxx

Im in suffolk so i suppose each area is different. I was told 3 week wait but its now 5. 2 of my friends both got told thier cin at thier colposcopy which both were cin 3, so when i asked at mine all she said was " well it has got worse but i removed it all and ill write with the results" Phoned surgery today and they havent had anything either. Yes ill keep you updated on this thread and hope you get results soon, let me know xx