Waiting for results


It’s been almost 6 weeks since my smear and I am getting anxious waiting for the results. I was absolutely fine, have no symptoms etc but the nurse who did my smear worried me as she was really friendly and chatty at the beginning and then she couldn’t find my cervix as she said it was tilted. I put my fists under my bum as she found it but then whilst taking the sample she started asking me questions, one of them being “Have you had a smear since you’ve had children” to which I replied yes, why? She said, I was just asking and then went quiet and hardly spoke until I left. She just said you’ll get your results in 6 weeks as there’s a backlog and that was it. I don’t want to overthink things but it was definitely strange! I rang the surgery yesterday just to see if there’s any update and they told me it could take up to 8 weeks. I understand the backlog and that many women are in the same situation but I’m getting really anxious! Has anyone else waited longer than they were told the results would be back? 

Hi sat

Sorry to hear of your experience,  hope you're ok.

I'm currently on week 8, was told 2 but possibly up to 6, and I'm in a similar boat re: nurse having strange reaction (saying I looked "raw" and asking if I'd ever had treatment on my cervix - I haven't) and to be honest if she hadn't said anything I probably would have happily forgotten the while thing and wouldn't be concerned but instead I'm worrying like mad so I completely understand how you're feeling. 

Hopefully we'll get them soon, fingers crossed all is ok, it's so hard not to read into their words and replay them isn't it!

Best wishes 


Hi ceecee,


I’m really sorry to hear that you are in the same situation. It’s nerve wracking waiting for the results isn’t it! Thank you so much for replying, I hope you get yours very soon! Keep me updated xx

It really is! I will let you know, fingers crossed for you too xx 

Hey Sat,


Just to say I got a normal result, after 9 weeks waiting, but they arrived on my birthday and it was the best gift ever, so relieved.

I hope you get yours soon and that everything goes ok, let us know (if you want to).