Still no smear results is this normal??

Hi ihad my smear test done 23 days ago and still havent had the results!!! Ive rang my dr.s 3 times once each week to see if they were through and everytime ive been told that i will recieve them before my doctors do due to the system delay. Im getting so fed up with waiting everytime the postman comes my heart races and then i see theres no post for me i get really annoyed !! I just want my results now ive been a nervous snappy mess for 3 weeks now. Are results ment to take this long? I starting to think theres something wrong thats why they are taking so long . Any advice would be helpfull. Thanks

Hi Stacey,

I think I am right in saying that the standard waiting time in Britain for smear test results is 4 - 6 weeks. Dreadful I know.

Be lucky :-)


Is it really? The nurse who did my smear test said i would get the results within 2-3 weeks xx

If it is 4-6 weeks wait and women have severely abnormal results why would they make them wait that long? That is so wrong x

Hi Stacey

I'm waiting on my results too at the moment and was told 4-6 weeks. Hope you get yours soon. A delay in getting them doesn't necessarily mean bad results so don't worry about that it can just be really slow sometimes! x

I just find it bad practice if someone has abnormal cells why make them wait so long? Surely they would rush everything through? I hope u recieve yours soon too its horrible waiting :-( . I have been a nervous wreck since the day before i had the smear and suffering with anxiety as it is just makes it so much worse although i was having "symptoms" they have now all but vanished probs because i have been keeping busy and not really had time to think ah i have backache ah i have tummyache . We also wanna try for our last baby asap youngest is 10 months so we have been quite active the last week or so as i knew i was ovulating but the anxiety creeped in and i was constantly checking for blood and pain thankfully there was none atall. Due on my period next saturday will be my second proper since quitting the depo jab back in october so i think my bodys finally getting back to normal after that terrible injection. And id like to think all the symptoms i was having were down to the after effects of the depo jab , ive heard horror storys from women that have had it though .


I am waiting for my results, am very worried the nurse that did my smear test told me she could see abrasions on the neck of my cervix. Does anyone know what this means??