Waiting Waiting Waiting

Anyone else hate waiting?
You’d also think in this day and age you would be able to receive results electronically!
sorry just having a moan day!
Hope everyone is ok x

I was there yesterday advised 1-2 weeks wait and to treat as cc. 


I haven't stop shaking crying or ate for 2 days 


Its  horrific 


Lynsey xx

omg Lynsey, im so sorry to hear that. I dont think they have handled that well at all. They shouldnt be saying that to you without actually knowing what the results are.

Big hugs xxx

I'm waiting the results of my biopsi I had taken on Tuesday, she said she was sending them off urgently so should get results in 5 days.  It's so horrible waitin. 

I asked straight out if i had cc once she had looked and her response will refer to it and treat it as such until we know otherwise. She advised 1-2 weeks for biopsy results. she took a couple 5 or 6 i think. 

I am in a terrible condition. i haven't slept, eaten or stop shaking. 

I do not want to die and that is all i can think about. 

Thanks for replying its appreciated. 

Cervical Cancer is normally very slow to spread, so if you had there are various ways that it can be treated. Please eat, you do not want to make your self poorly. I hope you get results soon so it can put your mind at ease a little.


Thank you. went to the gp yesterday after  the hospital and she went through some stuff with me. 

I had bloods done in october when i had pnuemonia and there was no abnormalities and also a chest xray which showed no abnormalities. All my smears have been clear for the last 10 years until this one. i also haven't had any symptoms.

I have eaten a bit today but not much still shaking and bursting  into tears. 

My phone rung earlier came up private number and I went into a blind panic... it was my employer. just in that mindset. 


I really appreciate your replies. 


Thank you 

I feel your pain i had my biopsy done 4 weeks ago today !!! I rang hospital today to chase results and she said there not back yet. They really dont rush at all.. ive heard no news is good news but dont no how true that is xx good luck to you all x