Anyone waiting for results??

Hi there,

So I’m into week 3 of waiting for my results, anyone else there? It’s a torturous wait l, I was told it would be aabout 3 weeks so my anxiety has been rising the closer I get. 


Anyone else waiting? Sending love and hugs!


Em x


i know how you feel! I am in week 3 of waiting for my results too. I was told it will be 6 weeks until I get my results but I have read in a booklet I was given 4 weeks. 

I have been reading so much on possible outcomes and I have read that some people have had a phone call and been asked to go for an appoin to discuss their results. Everytime I’ve read that it has been within 2 weeks. So I am hoping the longer the wait time the more likely of a positive result. 

I am scared and worried and am everyday, but I have been trying keep my mind occupied. I am also still suffering from my treatment so I am more focusing on getting myself back to normal on that. 

try and keep positive. 


Hi there,


I am also week 3 of waiting on my results although I was told to expect to hear something back within 4-6 weeks. I wasn’t even aware I needed to get results until they said at the end of the appointment, I thought it was just clearing the area of CIN3 and then back for a check up a few weeks later.


its so nerve wracking but I’m trying to get myself occupied with Christmas and positive thoughts.


sending loads of positive thoughts and I hope your results are perfectly fine x

I had two smear tests - one on the cervix and one up the cervix (which I didn’t even know was possible!), and a biopsy on Thursday so am joining the waiting game. 


I had had cervical cancer when I was 23 (9 years ago) and I had a phone call then within two weeks asking me to go in! So hopefully the longer things take, it will be good news xxx 

So my GP has been able to access results (they have access to hospital system) 

I am currently waiting for her to call me back, receptionist couldn’t decipher what was going on which I can understand. 

scared whitless! Still no letter or call from hospital yet! Going into week 4! 

Feels like a long wait  for a few of us!


Em x


Hi Em,

I know how you feel!

Had a LLETZ in late Sept, no clear margins and had to have surgery again (cone biopsy plus D&C) last week. Waiting for results....

fingers crossed xx

Hi everyone! 

I have just joined the waiting game too... I had LLETZ 3 days ago (28th November) during an urgent colposcopy appointment, less than 2 weeks after a routine smear. 

So far everything has been so quick, which is brilliant but terrifying! I have been told it'll now be around 3 weeks til my biopsy results. 3 weeks works out to be boxing day! So got my fingers crossed for good news for Christmas! 

I'll definitely be trying to distract myself as much as possible, but as I've been off work sick this week due to sinusitus (brilliant timing for everything! ), I've obviously been spending my days researching! This has been both reassuring and scary in equal measure! 

Glad to know I'm not the only one in this position at the moment. Good luck to everyone else waiting for news!