Hi, I would like to find other women waiting on results that would like to wait it out together :slight_smile:

I suffer health anxiety and drive myself mad with worrying and googling :confused:

I thought I would try and not google and come here instead and maybe befriend other women waiting on results tool. I think the waiting and not knowing is sooooo hard! I got my smear done 5 days ago and was told it will be a 2-3 week wait for the results. Anyone else in the same boat?

Thanks Sheila xx

Hi, I have just been through exactly the same ordeal, had my smear taken on the 19/10/2015 and I have always had the results back within 2 weeks, so like you week 3 came and my anxiety started to get the better of me, after being told by my surgery that I would probably receive my letter before they did i decided to phone Cervical smear test centre direct, week 3 - no results in yet sorry - week 4 - no results in yet sorry in the end I decided not to phone anymore for fear that they would think I am a nusiance and a bit over the top , anyway trying to hide anxiety from loved ones is very hard to do especially if like me you google anything and everything, but finally today I received my letter ALL NORMAL 5 weeks and 4 days of anxiety hell. So thought I would just share with you, even though the wait is awful even late results can have a happy ending. All the best for your results I'm sure everything will turn out fine x

UGHHHH I've just worried myself even more ffs. :(


I still havent got my results. I rang the doctors for them and the receptionists have each told me different things. The first one told me they are back but the nurse hasnt seen them and signed them off yet. Then today I rang and was told the results arent fully back yet but they should be here this week. :/


Now im totally paranoid and convinced the results are bad and thats why they wont tell me. Im so scared :'(