Waiting for results

Hi, I wonder if someone can help put my mind at ease. 

I saw my GP on 8/4/19 for post coital bleeding and on examination she noticed am area that wasnt quite right so referred me via the 2ww to gynae. On 18/4/19 I had my appointment at gynae where I had some biopsies taken and the consultant wants me to have a scan as well (which is tomorrow) 

I've read everywhere that results take 4-8 weeks for biopsy results to come through but I've now got an appointment to see the consultant on the 9/5/19. This seems very quick to me as it's only been 12 days since my biopsies were taken. Should I be concerned? I've been a little snappy since I found out about the appointment and it's all down to worry and I'm also nervous about the scan tomorrow. 

Thanks in advance for any help and advice. 

Sharon x

So sorry you're going through this. It is such a worry isn't it when things don't seem straightforward.

Was there no mention of CIN on the letter? Or was it just a consultation letter?
I was advised the results from my colposcopy can take up to 6 weeks and it's been 3 so far and i haven't received anything yet.

It could be that they put yours through as a fast track for results because the GP saw something 'not quite right' and would rather speed up the process. It's difficult to say from this end, and it's best to just see what they say at the appointment. The good thing is they're keeping a close eye on you.

I hope it all goes well, please keep us updated. Lots of ladies here who are supportive and going through same things.


Hi All, 

Sorry to hear you what you are going through, it is a scary and worrying time but this forum obviously helps us support each other. 

I had an abnormal smear and received my letter with high-grade dyskaryosis. I was seen in less than a week for my Lletz procedure which seemed really quick. It's now been two weeks and I have had non stop heavy bleeding and infection.


I'm just a bit confused as been told different things re results. The doctor said 4 - 5 weeks to grow the samples, a nurse in gynae assessment said 2 weeks and I've also been told you might not hear anything it could just be follow up smear. Any advice would be appreciated struggling to sleep. xx