Waiting for results- how long???

Hi All,

I had a colposcopy on 2nd February. No treatment just 2 biopsies. Just wondering how long people waited for results? Haven't heard anything yet and not sure if I should chase with gyne department? They said they would write to me and doctor but to be honest my GP is useless! Advice appreciated! 


M xxx 


With my first biopsy the nurse said 4/6 weeks and it did actually take the full 6 weeks. This time I got my results back in just over 2 weeks. Not sure if it makes a difference but the first lot was clear and the second CIN 3 so I think mabey no news is good news if you know what I mean. You could try phoning I know some people have got answers that way.

All this waiting is horrible isn't it. I hope you get good results and soon!




I had mine in 1 week to the dot, but again mine in CIN and I need treatment under GA so maybe no news is good news. Fingers crossed for you.


Thanks Both! 

Think I'll wait another week then if nothing will call. I'm just too impatient for this! lol 


m x 

Ps. She said at colposcopy she believed of definitely need more treatment so guess that's why I'm more worried. Want to know when it is so can plan holidays lol



I had my biopsy done 19th dec. Had a letter about 4-5weeks later saying i had been booked a further appointment for 13th feb. Less than a week before this appointment my results turned up even though they had had them a couple of weeks!