Waiting for results....

Hi all, I'm completely new to all this as I have never had any abnormalities before and never had any reason to research procedures etc.

I had an abnormal smear a few weeks back, can't remember the exact date but I received a letter saying I had abnormal cells and would be referred for a colposcopy. I received my appointment letter with a leaflet on what will happen during it.

I had my colposcopy on Friday evening, i wasnt too nervous but the nurse didnt help atall she kept speaking to me like a child and it made me feel really uncomfortable. Anyway they did the tests (wasnt told what they were doing) then all of a sudden they said they were starting treatment (for what i didnt know). I was told to count to 20 really loud then once i got to 7 they said thats it your all done... again im not a child and felt ridiculous doing it! After they were done i was informed i had received the lletz procedure and a large biopsy had been taken. Then they just said i'd receive the results in 4-6 weeks by letter...

Again I don't know what results? I tried to ask but they just said they couldn't tell me anything until the results had come back. The information i had been given leading up to my appointment made me believe i would know what i had etc after my appointment unless a biopsy was taken. I know that happened but why do the lletz then a biopsy and just tell me to go and wait for the results. I even asked if I had CIN1, 2 or 3 and again I was told they can't tell me anything just now.

Now I am terrified, I was completely fine right up until the procedure and now I can't stop thinking the worst! I don't understand how I can be left so unclear of what's happening to my own body. And I'm not getting much support, I know people want to make me feel better but when I voice my concerns to loved ones I get shut down very quickly with a 'stop thinking like that, you'll be fine' comment. I feel so alone and scared and no idea what's going on. I don't even know what questions to ask because I don't understand why and what has happened to me. 

Sorry for the long post feel like I just needed to vent a little.  

Hey, its terrible that they didn't explain anything to you :(

The biopsy is to see what cells are growing on the cervix as far as I know but I know its common for them to do a biopsy so i shouldnt think its anything to worry about although you're bound to worry a little and people should be giving you reassurance, its terrible when you're the one waiting.

I had my abnormal results six months ago and still haven't been seen for my colposcopy I've finally managed to get my appointment next week and I'm the same with worrying im not sure if ive been noticing symptoms because im anxious or if the symptoms I'm noticing are linked.

Please let us know what your results are xx

Hi Nikkia08, it sounds like they weren't the best at communicating what they were doing. I can totally understand your feelings.  Really they should be saying what they intend to do at all stages.  I was expecting to have LLETZ because it said in my letter they often do the treatment at the same time as the colposcopy and at the consultation i was asked if that was fine and I of course said yes. Your abnormal smear letter may have said what the abnormal cells were? I guess they don't confirm it until they do a biopsy test on the tissue taken away from the LLETZ treatment. My understanding would be that the biopsy isn't something different, it's just what they use the bit the LLETZ removed for.  Then they will be able to say exactly what is going on.

I'm 4 weeks into waiting now. Waiting isn't easy. I completely get what you are saying about close ones just saying "it'll be fine" whilst they think it is helpful it isn't when all sorts of imaginings are going on in your head! Another reason why I've been reading lots on here! Hope you go on ok with everything xx

Hi everyone. I’m new to this page so bare with me. Ive been having smears now since I was 21 (I think) now I’m 26 due to abnormal bleeding, pain during and after intercourse etc. All smears have been fine apart from one which said boarderline abnormalities But they wasn’t concerned and I Went back in 6 months for a check up!  all fine so went to the normal three year check ups. Had my recent smear beginning of August results came back abnormal and was referred to colposcopy. I was seen within a week on the 16th august and they took some biopsies and was told would likely need treatment as she could see the abnormal area. Told to wait up to 6 weeks for results! After 6 weeks I began to chase the results I chased and I chased nothing! At 10 weeks I told them I wasn’t happy to wait any longer and I was told the doctor who had done the procedure was off sick so I would have to wait for a letter! This annoyed me! Half hour later I had a call from colposcopy saying consultant had seen my result can you come up the hospital lthis afternoon! You could imagine the panic! from a family that are monitored for stomach cancer under genetics this panicked me! Went to clinic had LETZ done and samples sent away again! I had CIN 2. This was 4 weeks ago now! I don’t want to wait another 6 weeks for my results like last one ! They must surely know it does worry us women when we are told we have “abnormalities”! Has anyone been in my boat and had to wait ages for results after LETZ? This has been the longest 4 weeks! Sorry I’ve babbled on! I’ve been reading this page since the abnormal smear and I finally wanted to speak to someone about it! Thank you in advance girls! Your all amazing xxxx