Feeling very anxious *newbie*

I had my smear test 6 weeks ago, and had not heard anything till yesterday when the hospital rang me to go in for a appointment, I was absolutely petrified to why I was being rushed in, turns out it was just  cancellation and because my results had taken longer to come through my name was at the top of the pile.

when I got there I was told my smear results showed high grade changes to my cervix and would need a coloscopy after applying some solution my consultant said he could see x 2 white areas and would need to perform a LLETZ procedure, he said they appeared to look pre cancerous so not to worry! 

Easier said than done!! I'm a total mess today, been reading on her ladies in a similar situation, no symptoms, normal smears in the past and it still turns out to be cervical cancer!! So frightened, if anybody can add some comforting words or in a similar situation to me I would love to hear from you! Xxx

I know it is scary for you just now. I have had CIN3 and a LLETZ in the past and then 10 years of normal smears. The good news is they have a treatment plan for you and the LLETZ is very effective. 

STAY OFF GOOGLE - ask your questions here. 


Hello, I know it's worrying but I'm sure you will be fine. Time really flies and this will be behind you in no time. There's every chance that your results will be CIN only and even if like me, it did turn out to be Cancer it would be sorted. I'm absolutely fine now, all clear and I'm confident that will be the case going forward, you'll find loads of support on here. Take care xx

Hi, I'm in a similar position. Smear back with high grade severe changes... went in for colposcopy and lletz was performe. Dr said I'd have the results in two weeks, so currently waiting just past two weeks. I don't know what to expect really. So far i guess it plays on your mind so I conjure up all kinds of things. 

The best thing about this is finding this forum and so many supportive people and definitely do not google x


good luck x

Thankyou for all of your replys, found them reassuring. I just feel so anxious, only had the procedure on Tuesday but been feeling unwell/very tired since yesterday, fever and chills overnight, feel a bit better now tho, thinking it's to soon for infection from lletz and prob a coincidence picked up something  Viraly. Anybody else felt like this? 


Cazzers did he tell you what he could see to give you a rough idea what it could be? Mine told me not to worry as it looked pre cancerous, not sure how he could b confident to say that without biopsy results xx


no, mine didn't indicate at all. But she did say two weeks, having looked elsewhere two weeks seems like a fast track, so now over thinking that!!! But who knows, I guess it could be dependant upon our location? 

i didn't have any sickness, but sick and tired of sanitary towels already!!! I wasn't prepared for the emotional side of it, found myself quite tired and teary at times, which is odd. 

How are you feeling today? X

Hiya, I would not read too much into waiting times, I think results do generally take 2 weeks to come back I think it's just when they decide to get in touch, the letter they gave me said up to 6 weeks!!! Hope it's not that long.

to be honest I'm not doing so well, lm managing to sleep, but appetite gone out the window and feel really tearfu and anxious, I have 2 gorgeous little girls and im wondering what the future holds if it cc. I'm trying to think positive as my consultant did not appear to concerned and told me not to worry, also statically the odds should be in my favour but still a big worry. Apparently it's onLy 3 woman out of 100 that will have cc.  Hopefully I will feel better to go back to work on sat, get back in to routine and normality. Cause currently sat mopping around feeling sorry for myself. 

How are you feeling? Xx

Hi, i know, i try not to allow myself too much time to think about any of it :-) Its so crappy when your mind is going into overdrive. I have two children too, one teen and one under two, so i keep thinking about all the uncertainties. I am much less tearful now, but who knows what i'll be like when that letter lands. I guess at the moment I have resigned myself to the fact that I cannot do anything about the results until I know what they are. I have only told my partner and my boss and in some ways I think that has helped, because I can just pretend to be fine with everyone else, but equally i can see that others would gain from telling more people what they are going through for their support.

I went back to work after it all, and you are right it does help to distract you! xx

I have dicided from today I'm not going to read anymore of the sad stories, and keep in mind that at the moment I only have abnormal cells and hopefully they have gone, and what will be will be, fingers crossed for both of us xxxx

Thats a great way to look at it. We can't do anymore at the moment asides wait. If you do feel your getting low again you are more than welcome to contact me, sometimes its easier to speak to someone further away. keep me posted on how you're doing and keep thinking positive... still no post for me as yet! xx

Will do, same for you too. Hope u get a good result very soon to put your mind at rest xx

Hello, I'm confused. When I went for my colposcopy I had 4 biopsies taken but not Lletz or cone/loop when lots of people on here seem to have been treated there and then with Lletz. My Colp nurse said that she agreed with the high grade diagnosis so why would she not have done Lletz straight away? I have 3 children and am a wreck emotionally since Mondays appointment. 

Hi potty and cake

I dont think every hospital has the facility/policy to "see and treat"  will most likely get a further appointment for lletz if biopsy confirm cin2 or 3. It's a really hard time being in this situation, I have been a mess most of this week, but if it is only cin 2 or 3 it's totally  curable and reading through other stories even early cervical cancer is Very treatable. Xxx

Thanks for the support. It's a wait and see situation so fingers crossed. Xx

Pottyandcake, hope it all goes well for you xx

Hi, I got my results and a date for another hospital appointment. I have CINII so could have been worse. I have had no idication of what they will do but assume its a biopsy? I have to wait until 27th July which in reality is really quick but in my own world such a long time to wait. Just wish it were over and done with. Undecided

Hi, i think CIN 2 is moderate dysplasia so treatable pre cancerous cells, which if left untreated over a number of year may turn into cancer, although that is not to say if left that they definately would. So i guess you are now going in to be treated, i think the treatment is variable and I had lletz along with biopsies as mine was done at the same time as the colposcopy, so i'm still waiting for the results. My experience of lletz was that it was painfree, almost the same as a smear test, although a little embarrassing as there were a number of medical staff present. that said they were all lovely and all i did was ramble on about a right load of old rubbish because i was nervous and they had injected me with a local anaesthetic which had adreneline in.

I was really quite emotional after and had gone to hospital on my own, perhaps if it helps take someone with you for a little emotional support.

It does seem like an age to wait, waiting is never a good thing, I wonder if you contacted the team you are seeing whether they might be able to give you an idea of the treatment they would use?

Good luck xx

Hi Ladies 


I have a bit of a rollercoaster story. Went for my smear on 22/6/17 and a week later had a call from the hospital for a colposcopy appointment. Called the doctors as I hadn't had any results over the phone or in the post, and they said that the results hadn't come back their end yet. So my appointment was last Wednesday 12/07/17 and I arrive to a treatment appointment. The nurse was lovely and started explaining about lletz she asked if I was okay, I said well why am I here, she then told me I had high grade severe changes. I obviously had a little cry as it was a shock. 

They performed the Lletz and removed the cells, she gave no indications of what they looked like, or how many etc. They just said 2-4 weeks for results. 


I am now completely in the dark, should I worry? Should i not? I'm trying to be rational as I know that if caught that the cancer is treatable. 

Surely if it was nothing to worry about she would have said seems as I was in shock? 

Any advice is appreciated 


Sophie xx

Hi Sophie, 

I feel your pain. I put off a smear for a few years and the results came back with severe high grade dysarkosis (if thats how you spell it!) I went in to a colposcopy appointment, not really knowing what to expect and ended up having lletz treatment there and then. I was really surprised at how shaky and emotional i was. The Dr said she would write to me in two weeks to advise what would happen next. Five weeks later, and I have now found out!!! They think they removed all the pre-cancerous cells and they did find CGIN and CIN 3, so they were severe results. Now, I have an appointment for a six month smear/colposcopy. 

I think it is natural to worry, I think I was borderline irrational and waiting does not help. I too wasn't given any indication by the Dr performing the lletz whether this would potentially be cancerous, and my guess is that there is probably always a risk. They did however say, that the changes are usually pre-cancerous cells, which if left can develop into cancer, whose cells turn into cancer and how long those changes take is anyones guess. 

Try to remain positive, it is bloody hard. How are you finding the side effects of Lletz?

Carrie xx