Waiting for results, Lletz 2 days ago

I am 25, and last week (Tuesday) I had my results back from my first smear - high grade severe dyskaryosis. I had an appointment for Friday to have Colposcopy and LLETZ procedure. The consultant didn’t tell me anything other than “There are a lot of abnormal cells” before he did the LLETZ. He also had to remove my mirena coil. He didn’t tell me if he removed all the abnormal cells, or anything really. He said it can take up to 4 weeks for the result. I’m so nervous. I don’t really know what to expect from the result. Nothing has been explained.
Since the LLETZ 2 days ago, I haven’t had any bleeding, but I have had heavy discharge. I have has a pain shooting up and down my right leg which has prevented me from sleeping and what feels like the worst period pains I have had in my life.

Just feel better to talk to somebody who has been through the same thing as everybody I have spoken to thinks I am worrying over nothing. I have an anxiety disorder anyway so that doesn’t help!

Thank you

Hey Hun, I had LLETZ four days ago as well so hope your feeling ok. I have just started having some heavier bleeding and period pains. From what I have asked its all normal and the shooting pains are from the nerves and and the anasethic wearing off i believe. Did you get a number on the back of your aftercare? phone that if you get worried xxx

Hey I too had my lletz treatment on Friday and have been having cramps and discharge since. No bleeding yet! Today though I have started with a dull backache and pain I'm my groin/top of leg. I'm guessing it's all part of the healing process! I also didn't really get told too much at my appointment...I got told pre cancerous cells had been found from my smear test and she just said after my lletz treatment she had taken away everything she could see and that it would be 4-6 weeks for my results! It really isn't a nice time and the waiting is the worst!! Just trying to.keep positive and to keep busy. Good luck with your results :)