Awaiting Lletz results and still in pain

Hi this is my first post so apologies if I have done anything wrong. Ihad the lletz for apparently "lots and lots of abnormal cells" wouldn't confirm or deny if they thought they were suspicious but after smear I was called in for an urgent colproscopy and treatment within a week which of course makes me feel anxious in itself! 

The LLETZ was 10 days ago and pain is still bad with cramps and an internal kind of stabbing pain around cervix area. I guess after they took a bit chunk (around 1cm ball sized chunk!

Anyone else around the same point and anxious about results? Anyone else been still in pain after 10 days? None of the signs of infection yet so guessing it's all OK but just so sore!

Speak soon


Hi Jen,


I'm 6 weeks post my second LLETZ and still getting those shooting pains occasionally.


1cm cubed is the standard sized LLETZ treatment so that they can get a good sizable biopsy to look at and hopefully make certain they've got it all.


Really hope they have got it all for you lovely. Welcome to the forum.


Take it easy for as long as you need to. Xx

Thank you thats good to hear as really wasn't sure how normal it was or wasn't!!


Hope you're doing OK?

Mine was also about that size - she said it was around the size of my thumb nail. 

I'm getting no pain but endless watery discharge which soaks through tena pads. I'm two weeks in.

they totally underplay this procedure even at its most mild ( lots of women here have it worse). It's invasive and awful. Unfortunately probably necessary:( 


Hi Jen

Welcome to the forum!

I had my LLETZ on 27th May, feeling very anxious about the results as they had to take two ‘chunks’ from me. I keep trying to remind myself that worrying will not change the results…

I unfortunately have had an infection though, on my last day of antibiotics today!

Fingers crossed we all get our results soon! Reach out if you want to chat

Em xx

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I totally agree about it being underplayed it is horrible isn’t it! I have endless watery discharge too and had a day of bleeding and clots yesterday but back to watery again today!

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Mine was 27th too! Hope we aren’t waiting too long for results it already seems forever! Has your infection cleared up now? xx

Yes the infection has cleared now (thankfully - that was not pleasant at all!) I do need to be aware of over doing things though, on Saturday I went shopping and carried too much and ended up with bad cramps and bleeding!

My smear results took about 4 weeks, as did the colposcopy results, so I have told myself to expect another 4 week wait for these results (half way nearly!) Hoping they aren’t much longer than that as the wait is definitely the worst! I said to my husband yesterday that I can’t believe its not even been two weeks yet!

Its nice to find someone who had the procedure the same day!

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I had the LLETZ with the colposcopy, I had the smear 21st April, letter 21st May saying high risk cells and HPV found so need urgent colposcopy and may need treatment in same appointment, appointment letter arrived the same day and for 6 days later, Colposcopy and LLETZ on 27th May!

I have found that pain is worse when I have done too much too, not helped by the fact we are currently in the middle of decorating and getting new carpet etc so stuff needs moving and lifting!!

Dreading the results, my gut says they booked me in so quickly for the colposcopy and LLETZ as they knew something bad, I may be wrong but I just worry with it being so quick!

It has been a long 2 weeks so far hasn’t it!

I had the same letter, but when I got there for my Colposcopy the consultant didn’t want to do the LLETZ at the same time ‘because of coronavirus’ so I ended up having to wait for the results and go back… Same consultant, but during the LLETZ he couldn’t find my cervix! Took 20 minutes before he was happy he had it and could proceed! The whole thing, whilst a bit uncomfortable, was actually quite funny!

Oh gosh I wouldn’t fancy redecorating whilst recovering! (Recovering always sounds so bad for what is seen as such a routine procedure, sorry! but it is recovering!) Make sure you don’t overdo it!

My gut is saying the same, I’ve almost completely convinced myself of the worst! Hopefully everyone has the same gut feeling in these situations and its just our fear taking over.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for us both xxx

You’re right hopefully everyone just feels like this whether the results turn out ok or not.

I know, I am trying to let myself recover but I hate watching my other half do things wrong!!!

Mine just kept saying he would have to put me done for a general anaesthetic as I was in a lot of pain for it, I said no just give me more local and I will grit my teeth!! I always have a reaction after a general anaesthetic and didn’t want to be waiting for that to then feel rubbish and react after it!

Feel today like someone has a corkscrew on my cervix, blooming agony!

Oh No! I wonder why you had soo much pain! After 3 LA injections I couldn’t feel a thing!

Please do try to relax, it sounds like you are in agony which really isn’t good! Infection can sometime show as pain with little other symptoms, so if it doesn’t ease maybe pop to your GP just in case, or call the colposcopy ward.

You’ll need to learn how to shout instructions from a comfy sofa with a cuppa!


Ha ha I really should just order them about but I just get irritated by questions like “which is the washer again”? My GP is rubbish, might call the colposcopy clinic though, good idea! Will give it until tomorrow as I had new pain killers from GP yesterday so give them a chance to help, I am allergic to most so unless paracetamol works I have to get a prescription!

Maybe my Dr was just not as good at it, it wasn’t so bad when they added more LA, just absolute agony when they thought it shouldn’t be so not sure how many injections they had done but I needed more it seems!

What infection signs did you have if you don’t mind me asking?

Of course I don’t mind you asking…

After the procedure I had very watery discharge which I expected, but then one evening I flooded the liner I was wearing with very bright red blood (this was the first sign), following that, I felt some internal pain (hadn’t had any before this point) and the discharge changed in consistency to a creamier thicker discharge. A day or two later I flooded the liner with bright red blood again, then the same thicker discharge started to smell sour. The smell wasn’t overpowering, it was only when I went to the loo that I actually smelt it, but it was definitely unpleasant.

The whole time following the first flooding I had the fairly constant internal pain, it was kind of a sharp ache (if that makes sense).

I had a five day course of antibiotics which ended today. The thicker discharge has gone, and I’m not in any pain anymore. I’m left with a very small amount of bright pink discharge which would most likely be easily dealt with using a panty liner, but I’m too nervous I’ll flood again so using sanitary towels at the moment.

Maybe I should check then, I’ve had pain throughout though it got worse yesterday with bright red blood and a clot then it stopped again now and back to the “normal” discharge, I know it sounds silly but I am not really sure what colour as I have dark washable pads! When I wipe it just seems wet and kind of creamy though a little pinkish today nothing bright as such and nothing really odd other than yesterday!

They should give you a colour chart to compare it with!

I know I shouldn’t laugh but that has really tickled me! I can just imagine women all over the world sat on the loo comparing colour charts lol.

It was the ‘creaminess’ (god that sound gross!) that caught my attention, but i didn’t know if it was normal so I didn’t talk to my GP until the smell started :nauseated_face:

Obviously I am no medical professional, and you have been doing too much by the sounds of it which may explain the pain… but I would just talk to someone just in case. Someone on here told me to speak to my GP as she had an infection for weeks due to getting some advice that what she was experiencing was normal… her infection got really bad…

My GP is absolutely hopeless, I need to change them tbh. They tried to give me tablets I am allergic to “just in case they help the pain”, I was like erm no thanks I don’t fancy having my whole body covered in hives and hallucinations on the off chance!! More to the point if I am allergic you shouldn’t want to give it to me! Idiots lol

Might ring the hospital clinic though, you’re right I have probably done too much but could be an infection too so no harm in ruling it out or getting antibiotics just in case is there!

I definitely think a colour chart would be fun but useful ha ha they do them for urine so hey why not lol Can you imagine walking away from your appointment with pain chart type things!

Just spoke to the sister on the Gynae ward (one of the numbers I was told to try if any issues) and she said to go back to go if I am still in as much pain in 48hrs after taking the tablets they’ve given me and ask for antibiotics or stronger pain killers but if the discharge is fine not to worry as probably not an infection and some people just take longer to recover than others!

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I had a swab after my massive amount of ongoing watery discharge and I was clear of infection.
Presume it’s normal. I had lletz on 24th may, just a little before you lot.
I’m very ancient at 55…
Rubbish at taking it easy - since my lletz Ive been to Hastings and Lancaster to see lovely people. I tried to take the lift though in stations.
Plus have done yoga against instructions. I can’t seem to behave

Bless you, I know what you mean though I can’t take it easy! I’m in worse pain today on day 12 than i have been since day 1…anyone else the same?

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