Worried waiting for colposcopy results

Hie everyone. I had a colposcopy on 6 April for an abnormal smear result moderate high grade dyskaryosis. On colposcopy they said it looks high grade and I will need further treatment and they took biopsies and I am currently waiting for results.

I am worried sick and the wait is pure torture. To those who went through the same thing how much time off from work did you need after LLETZ? A day? 2 days? I work 12hr shifts and I am on my feet the whole time. How much discomfort did you experience and the bleeding? I am just trying to plan ahead hoping it will calm my nerves.

Thank you all

Hi there

I also had my colpscopy 6th and having to wait 6 weeks before my next appointment to find out results. The waiting is ridiculous and I'm going insane. Try to stay busy and keep positive so much easier said than done. Hope your wait isn't too much long and our news is good. Thinking of you.....positive vibes coming your way :)

I had my LLETz done on the 28th. Dr said I should have the results within a week. I really hope so. After my LLETZ I was feeling discomfort for a day. Didn't have any pain. I wasn't allowed to drive or bus that day. Had to get someone to pick me up from the hospital. I was feeling extremely emotional afterwards, just couldn't keep the tears back. 

After the LLETZ the dr sealed the area to reduce bleeding and I haven't had any bleeding yet. 

Goodluck with your procedure. It is hard remaining positive but like Cee80 said...positive vibes coming your way!

Thank you all for your support. I finally got the results high grade abnormalities CIN 2 LLETZ recommended. 

I just had a call from the hospital and I am booked for LLETZ for 10 May. I am glad the booking came so fast but nervous at the same time. I hope all goes well. Fingers crossed