Waiting for LLETZ results...

anyone else waiting for results? I had my LLETZ 18th March so it hasn't even been 2 weeks yet but I'm so anxious. Who wants to join me in the wait? X

Me? I'm having my lletz done this morning... What grade CIN were you? X

I had mine on the 11th. Still no results:(

I had LLETZ treatment on the 18th too! Still awaiting results! In a way I don't even want to recieve the results... ive had a nightmare time since LLETZ having had an infection since. I would hate to have to have treatment again! x

Hi Ladies,

i also had mine on 18th and am finding the wait really difficult. 

Like you Gemlou, I have had a nightmare since. How was everyone's first period after? Also did anyone experience large clots? I am so worried. I have had both of these. Had an awful day Friday with it. Rested all weekend and thought it was easing and then this morning it all happened again. Called the clinic and I have to monitor bleeding throughout the morning and call back at lunchtime. Hope you are feeling better now Gemlou.


I've not had very much bleeding at all - just light spotting which suprised me as I bled a lot during the treatment and almost had to go back in for further treatment. I've had an infection with extreme pain. I've literally been doubled over but antibiotics seem to be kicking in as feeling a tad better today. I took my pills back to back and missed my seven day break as I was supposed to start it the day of lletz. 

Hey LemonCat,

Thanks for commenting on my thread, hopped onto yours to see if I could help you out!

Yes, the wait is nerve-wracking and annoying. Yes, you will pace about. No amount of us telling you not to worry will really stop you from worrying completely, but at least hearing our own experiences will help a little to put your mind somewhere a little lower on the worry-scale!

I also went through the "what if's" and worried myself silly. Good advice is distract yourself with good friends, go out, have some fun. If you get worried, write them down and ask about them on here.

I've been in for two colposcopies and was told 4-6 weeks for the results in both cases, and in both cases the results came through in 4 weeks.

What can you get up to in 4 weeks to distract yourself? Do you have any cool hobbies? :)

Hugs X


I'm still on antibiotics and habe been since the first week. It's been terrible. Bleeding, clots, lumps, pain, shooting pains. I'm so fed up. 

Has anyone else had this? 

Hi ladies 

Will join you all ! Had my LLETZ on 2nd march - was promised results in 4 weeks .. That's today . Rang the hospital today and the secretary is on leave till 12th April . Her stand in said it could be 6-8 week wait . Have asked for a consultant call back and will not accept this wait . Waited 10 weeks for colposcopy results !

Just finished antibiotics for an infection too Had all the cramps , tiredness , pain in back and legs etc .. . The anxiety this has caused me is ridiculous!! Just want to feel normal again :-( 

Good luck to everyone xx

Hi Ladies,

Had mine done on 16th Feb (for CIN 3) and got my results yesterday. I was told that they also found CGIN and that the margins were not clear (which means they did not get it all). She said that if not treated, this will have turned into cancer within the next 6 months. She recommends another LLETZ. As I am not fully healed from the first one (and have been very ill since having it done), I have been scheduled in for 6 weeks time for my second one. I really thought it would be all over yesterday, but on the plus side, at least I wasnt told I have cancer.

Good luck to you all xx

Hi ladies sorry I posted then ran! I've had an infection too! Just starting to feel like myself again this week after being out of action last week. My friend ended up in hospital after her LLETZ as she got an infection which spread to her womb so please keep an eye!! I'm terrified about the though of having the LLETZ done again. 


Anyone else late have no idea what grade CiN they are? I have no idea! On my initial smear test letter it just said 'abnormal cells' then when I went for colp she didn't say anything but could see abnormal areas so went straight for the LLETZ. I wish I had found this site before hand so inwenr in better prepared. i had no idea what a CIN was before hand x

Hi Ladies,

2 weeks tomorrow and possibly still 2 weeks to go. Now panicking that the Easter Holiday is going to make is even longer!

Jodie, sorry to hear you are on antibiotics. Some of the things you have had sound similar to me but I have only had bad period type pain. I have had really heavy bleeding and large clots. Not nice at all and really quite scary. I expected my first period after treatment to be heavy but this has been worse than I thought!

Lornie, did the consultant call you back? Have you had any results? 

Kattykit, sorry to hear you have to go through the procedure again. As you say, at least you know it is not CC. I know it's more waiting for you though.

Lemoncat, I also have no idea what grade CIN I am. My smear letter said high grade which I presume is CiN 3. This hasn't been confirmed to me though. 

Hope you all get your results soon.



Hi ladies, new to the forum getting fed up of trailing through google looking for answers! I had my lletz on 12th march for cin3, after high grade changes in smear and same results in coloscopy. Found the procedure ok after a month of panicing I was going to die of cancer and leave my kids behind! Anyway it's been a scary time, and no one I know has been through it so felt quite alone. Thinking it was almost over I then started heavy bleeding a week and a half ago also passing big 50p-golf ball sized clots up to ten times a day, spoke to dr yesterday who prescribed antibiotics so hoping that helps but have felt awful today and had the worst day of bleeding and clots ever which has caused a few panic attacks today. I am almost looking forward to my results and the wait is awful and I don't think people understand unless they've been there! Hoping for results back soon, the hospital made it sound quite straightforward and simple but it's put my life on hold it feels like! Good luck to everyone getting their results back, anyone else had the same bleeding as me? Xx

Hi Georgie,

Sorry to hear you have also been going through a rubbish time. 

I had my colposcopy and treatment for high grade changes on 18th March. The procedure wasn't the most pleasant experience. I bled lots and had to have a stitch. Found out after that I had a large biopsy taken. Making me worry even more. I find that I am still panicking about leaving my husband and daughter behind and feel like I will feel this way until I get my results!!

I have had the same bleeding as you. 9 days after the treatment, i began to bleed very heavily. I was out and had to buy some new jeans. Embarrassing and really unpleasant. It happened again later that day and another change of clothes. This is when I passed the clot which was probably also golf ball size. I was at my Mum's and I was that shocked it caused me to scream. I was so scared. After a weekend of resting, the same thing happened Monday and I woke up to heavy bleeding. Seems to have calmed down a bit now but still heavy. i was expecting heavier bleeding and clots but not as bad as I have experienced. 

I am looking forward to results too and the wait is driving me mad. 2 weeks today so probably another 2 to go. I try and keep busy but it's always at the back of my mind. Hope you are feeling better and get your results soon.

Take Care


I had mine on the 11th march phoned hospital up my results are there but cant tell me gotta wait for a letter xx

Hi DB12,

Yes I got a consultant call back on Thursday at last !Thankyou for asking . He said all is ok nothing found in the LLETZ sample and nothing to worry about at all . Just a smear in September now . Was under the impression I had low grade cell changes - in fact it was severe dyskaryosis . Also high risk HPV which I knew about .

I would advise everyone to chase up their results - at least I've got peace of mind for now . Although this whole experience has made me completely rethink relationships and sex - its now the furthest thing from my mind ! Sure I'm not alone ?! 

All the best to everyone x

Nov 14 - abnormal smear severe dyskaryosis and high risk HPV

Dec 14 - colposcopy and biopsy 

March 15 (after a 10 week wait for results !!) LLETZ 

March 15- clear results - smear In September