Waiting for results help


i recently suffered a miscarriage which I had a D&C for. , the results came back with abnormal cells which I had a colpscopy for 2 weeks ago. The consultant said there was one small area of concern but there was no signs cancer and may just requirecells to be lasered worst case scenario. they booked a telephone appt for the 16th April to discuss the results but this morning I have just had a call from to say I need to go in to see the consultant on Tuesday to discuss the results. This haa sent me into panic and having to wait until Tuesday is going to be awful . I am hoping it is just routine as the results have come in quicker or to do the laser treatment at the same time but the women who rang to tell me to come in on Tuesday couldn't tell me anything. Is this normal or is it usually bad news ?



Hi Kerry 

i hope you are ok, try not to panic too much. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation as to why they want you to go in. 

Maybe it was just the receptionist who called and isn't allowed to read results over the phone, or mybe they just need explaining in more detail because of your mc? It might be if you are ttc that they want to tell you the options first because when I went in to have my treatment done they said if I was pg then they would wait until after to do it. So that might be the reason.

i normally stress over stuff and then it turns out there was no reason to stress! 

When I got called in to hospital last year for what I thought was the LLetz treatment I was stressing big time over it, it turned out they were only doing a biopsy but they failed to tell me that!! Unfortunately I think Drs forget we are always worried about things (as they see things every day) and they fail to reassure us.

ive just had LLetz treatment done (last Friday) and unfortunately mine ended up with heavy bleeding (but now I'm wondering if it was v early mc as gyne couldnt see where bleed was coming from!) but anyway I was in a&e for a good few hours before one Dr said to me - don't worry, everything will be ok I can just put a stitch in if it doesn't stop. And it was just such a simple solution but I hadn't even begun to think that was an option!

i hope I have gone some way to putting your mind at rest for the moment. Don't feel alone either, it's a horrible thing to have to go through (esp for you after mc, I'm so sorry x) if you want to just chat then I am happy to :-) 

all the best

rebecca x