I had a colposcopy and  laser for severe dyskaryosis last Wednesday and they also took 2 biopsys. The nurse said everything looked ok and the laser treatment would have got rid of the cells, she said I would get a letter to confirm this and I would receive  a follow up appointment for a smear test at the hospital in 6 months time And if it was anything more sinister i would be called back in.........Fast forward to today and the hospital called me saying I have to go in Tuesday morning to see a consultant! I thought after the colposcopy I was done, I asked her If this meant something bad and she said she' cant say as she's just a receptionist. I've not stopped shaking since taking the call, I even called my GP to  see of they had the biopsy results but the receptionist said no, but then she could have been fobbing me off! Has anyone had this? And what did they say when you went back? Wouldn't I be called in earlier if it was something bad? Driving myself crazy :(

Hi Rebecca

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this, it must be very distressing for you. I had my lletz on Tuesday and I am dreading any phone calls that come over the next week, so I totally get where you are coming from.

I know it's practically  impossible to do right now, but please try not to panic and stress yourself further. It doesn't necessarily mean the worst case scenario - the receptionists are always cagey, they can't seem to tell you anything just in case, but of course, that makes it seem much worse. I really wish they would be more considerate of worried women though!

It could be they didn't remove everything but don't want you in for another lletz so are just checking their options and may want to check you out again. If it is CC, again, it doesn't have to mean bad news - some women on here have been called back because they found a tiny 'speck' of cancer cells in their sample - this will all have been removed by lletz but they do need to check to be absolutely sure. Rememebr, whatever the outcome, you are in a good system and very good hands. That's what i keep telling myself and it's keeping me a bit calmer whilst waiting for my results.

Take care, please let me know how you get on - thinking of you and sending hugs xx

Plus, I'd call back and insist on talking to soemone at the clinic - you're entitled to do that. Insist that someone calls you back because it's making you feel very worried. Keep trying with your GP too - could be they just haven't got the letter yet.

Thanks for replying, this is going to play ony mind all weekend, I just want to know! When I had my treatment the nurse gave me her direct number if I was unsure of anything, I may ring her and see if she can tell me anything. 

Hi Rebecca,

I'm so sorry about your phone call - I've not been in the same position but I did recieve a call after my smear test (rather than a letter) to (and i quote the bookings man) 'see the consultant following your test'. I asked that man SO many questions but was told 'you should know what it's about. I can't tell you why, I just make the appointments. You should have had a letter....' not particularly helpful! I also rang my GP to see if they'd had any results to be met with 'no' by the receptionist and she wouldn't even get my nurse to call me back (she doesn't do that - errrr yes she does she said if I ended up being called into the hospital to ring the surgery and she'd call me!).

DEFINITELY call the nurse who did your colposcopy - she should be able to put you at rest even if she cna't give you out too much information. I hope you're ok and you find out some information soon. I totally understand the need for confidentiality but wheny you're terrified on the end of the phone and CLEARLY the person the information concerns I think a bit more understanding is necessary! 

Let us know how you get on. x x x x

I have just got the letter confirming my appointment and it says the following..... I am writing to let you know the result of the treatment you had in colposcopy clinic on 16th January. The result has confirmed the presence of an early stage abnormality of the cervix. To discuss the result in full detail and to give you further information regarding further investigations and treatment, I enclose an appointment with the appropriate specialist.


i also called the colposcopy nurse who said she couldn't tell me anything as she doesn't have my notes in front of her! She said just make sure I take someone with me! That's put my mind at ease! Not!!

Hi Rebecca

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your appointment tomorrow.

The waiting really is the worst part. At least your in the system and being looked after.

Let us know how you get on.


The best of luck today Rebecca. Please let us know how you get on x x

Hi Rebecca


Hope today went ok, do update us 


Rachel x