Anxious for results


i tried to post earlier but it hasn't shown so apologise if this has been posted twice.

i am feeling incredibly anxious and keep googling and making myself worse.

i had a LLETZ procedure on 10th July to remove high grade abnormal cells. I hadn't heard anything until yesterday when I received a call to say I have been booked into a consultant. They couldn't tell me much but the appointment was urgent. I managed to get hold of a specialist n who mentioned that it is likely cancerous cells have been detected but she was unable to discuss further as she is unable to access my results 

Tuesday feels like a life time away until I go to the appointment. I was wondering if anyone else had experience of this?

Thank you 


I'm still waiting for the results of my LLETZ sample so can't say I've been in the same position!

Just wanted to offer a little support in that there are so many women on here with similar experiences so none of us are alone ❤

I'm glad they're getting you in soon, keep yourself busy to help time go quicker! Hope all goes well let us know x

Thank you for your kind words. I will keep you posted. The  past few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions but one more day to wait 

This forum is brilliant for getting support and looking at other experiences. 

Hope you are well too ☺️