Awaiting biopsy results worry

I was called for a colposcopy last week where I was told I had severe dyskaryosis and had a LLETZ procedure done there and then. what was removed has been sent off to the lab which I know is normal. I can't help but worry about the results, to a point I think about it all the time and it makes me feel sick. I know a diagnosis of anything other than what they saw is unlikely but I'm worried they didn't get all of the cells and that ill need another lletz (I found it distressing last time). anyone I speak to just says not to worry and I'll be fine. But I don't feel like they understand. Or am I over reacting and shouldn't be worried at all?

I'm in the same position.  I had my procedure 2 weeks ago and the waiting is driving me crazy as well as the whole "don't worry, you'll be fine" chat whenever I mention I'm worried!

I know my husband and friends are trying to be reassuring and positive but I'd really like them to acknowledge my fears rather than what seems like brushing them away to me.

lex x



That's absolutely it. They don't have to know what to say, but its a big deal when its happening to you isnt it. Hopefully your results will be through soon if you've waited two weeks already! I'm only a few days so far and already shattered from the worrying x

Hi both, the waiting is the worst part. Looking back I tried to watch as many comedies as I could as these were the only things that took my mind off worrying for a decent amount of time! Time does fly although it doesn't seem like it! Lots of people said I would be fine, which I am, but obviously we didn't expect the result I had but it's behind me now apart from waiting for results from my last colposcopy. The waiting this time isn't as bad though. Treatment is very effective and chance of reoccurring cells are very low. Take care of yourselves, be gentle on yourselves too and its perfectly normal to feel anxious. When it's over take time to have a treat such as a massage or spa day and enjoy lots of sleep if you can xx

I glad you've started making a recovery now it must be a relief after what you've gone through. Im trying my best to distract myself, not easy with a 6 month old baby needing my attention all the while... it's her I feel bad for as I only finished treatment for postnatal ptsd 3 weeks ago following her traumatic birth and now this! Hoping the results come back soon and with no further treatment needed so that I can finally enjoy my time with her before I'm back at work x

Thanks for your reply Sib.  It's good to hear from someone further along the journey and doing well.  The past 2 weeks have been the slowest - ever! The comedy strategy sounds like a good one, I usually swim a lot as well as gym & classes, so it's been a killer missing out on that too.  That's my usual strategy to combat stress.  I'm easing myself back into it though and will be back at yoga tomorrow night.

Tc - take care of yourself and the wee one.  It must be such a worry when you have a baby to care for too.  Let me know how you're getting on.

lex x

The yoga will give you a bit of a break from the worrying won't it xx 

let me know how you get on aswell! Always here to listen and thankyou for replying... it helps knowing others understand and that I'm not being silly by being so anxious xx

Fingers crossed! Thanks Tc, I will. X

I gave the clinic a call today and it was good news! The doctor reviewed the biopsy results yesterday and the cells were CIN2 but they had all been excised with treatment apparently.  I have another smear in 6 months but I was told they would expect that to be fine.  It will likely be another week before I get the doctor's letter but I'm so glad I phoned.  I feel completely drained again but it's such a relief the wait is over.

Hope the wait is over for you soon tc.

lex x

Brilliant news Alex!! I'm glad they got it all in one go. You must feel drained now your mind is able to wind down from all the worry! Hopefully this is it for you now and have normal results from here on out xxx

Thank you. I'll keep checking by to hear how you get on x

Thankyou that means a lot xx

Good news! Biopsy showed only the abnormal cells they expected and nothing more. Check up in 6 months x

That's brilliant Tc! So pleased for you xx

hi tc so glad all clear hun sorry for jumping on this but can anyone explain how they felt and the bleeding after a letz I've got mine on Monday under a general and im peetrafied of the bleeding and scared of heamraging ty all x

I had cin 3 lletz with a local rather than general... they cortorise any parts which are bleeding after removing the cells. I didn't have any proper bleeding until 8 days after and that was just like a light period and not a heavy loss.   from the posts I've commented on on here or read regarding bleeding, I haven't seen anyone say they haemorrhaged... but I can understand if that's a concern of youve been in that situation before? I have also and was nervous prior to my lletz... do you have a pre op appointmen? That would be a good opportunity to mention your worries about bleeding z x