Waiting for results 4.5 weeks

4 1/2 weeks since biopsies, LLETZ and further surgery in theatre, and I still have no information at all about what is going on, no letter, no grading, no idea of the next steps.

I’m hoping I don’t have to wait much longer!

Just found out they apparently sent a letter over a week ago. But no idea what it says and it’s not arrived yet :sob:

I had a LLETZ appointment text ‘reminder’ from the hospital long before my letter arrived (in the end it was the day before the appointment) but I called my GP when I got the text and they sent me a copy of the letter as they got a copy, too. Might be worth giving them a bell and seeing if that’s an option? Hope you don’t have to wait too much longer x

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I got the letter yesterday. It was just the letter to my doctor confirming that I went in to hospital and they did treatment and what biopsy said but that they’ll be in touch after MDT

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Hi, I would ring the clinic and find out the date of the MDT then you are not left in limbo. I’ve had 2 MDT and at my clinic they do them the last Thursday of the month, good luck hope it’s not too long x

It was yesterday. So just waiting to see what they say. Not sure if they will call or write

I was told 8 weeks for results. That was true for my biopsy and now waiting for LLETZ results.
I had a biopsy for something else and the start of Dec and they said 8 weeks as well and I still haven’t had them.
The waiting is awful but I just try and think it’s done now and I don’t get results or I would drive myself crazy.

Hi I got both phone call and letter, good luck x

I was told my mdt was yesterday. So hopefully soon. But since then, I’ve had other health issues and lost my job so I’ve been distracted from this tbf