Waiting for Lletz results how long?

I had my lletz procedure yesterday and have had mild discomfort since but all is ok. I was hoping to find out rough ideas of waiting times for the results? I’m in Kent if that makes a difference?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I was 3 weeks from having lletz to getting my results. The wait feels like a million years. 

No news is good news....

or so I kept telling myself anyway lol

I was told 3 weeks but actually got mine this morning having had treatment last Monday, so really quick which was a relief! Hope yours come back quick! X

I had mine done on 14th Feb and I'm still waiting for my results but I was told I'd wait 6 weeks and it's been 5 weeks now x 

I had my Lletz two weeks ago and got a letter through this morning which has confused me even more. It basically says that my manangement plan will be discussed in an MDT meeting and theyll write to me with the outcome!! Has anybody else had a letter like that?x