Still waiting


I had my LLETZ on 28/3 so been waiting over 4 weeks for results. Hospital rang today and said my case is being reviewed tomorrow at the MDT then the letter will be sent so with bank holiday looking at next week for results. Driving me insane the waiting, can’t even use the no news is good news analogy!

Anyone else waited 4/5+ weeks for results.

Hi there,

I waited about 4 weeks for mine, and in the end they didnt send me a results letter, they actually called me in to see the consultant do did the procedure instead. Try not to worry, i think the doctors told me it could be anything up to 8 weeks.

Hope this helps :) xx

I haven't had a procedure yet but the wait is agonising. I know it's a slow developing cancer but for our mental health things need to happen quicker. I am the same though, no news can only be good news right?! 

Good luck xxx