Called for second LLETZ, awaiting letter

Hi there,

I called the hospital this morning to chase results as it had been 4 weeks. I’m told a letter is on the way. The secretary told me that it looks like further treatment has been recommended, i.e. the same procedure again, because they didn’t get it all.

I realise no one can give me a definite answer either way, but does it seem likely that they’d call me for another LLETZ if they’d found cancer as well? She didn’t say anything about it over the phone, I’m not sure she was meant to tell me anything to be honest. Post is gone for today so no letter until tomorrow at the earliest, and I’m already stressed enough about a second LLETZ let alone there being something else as well…

Anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you in advance.


I’ve had a similar experience recently, I had the LLETZ carried out and after 4 weeks had no results so called and told there was a delay, eventually 2 weeks later I got a text to say I have been booked for a pre assessment, yet I still hadn’t had my results so called the hospital to be told that no one medically was available to talk to me and I would have to wait till the following day.
Anyway had a call from the consultant who explained it all and advised that I needed to have the LLETZ done again as 1 out of the 3 edges was not 100% clear and had micro cells and they needed to go in a bit deeper to take some more out but they would do it under general anaesthetic rather than just numbing the area like before.
He told me it’s nothing to worry about this can happen and they would rather get it all now than leave a section in there.

Since then I have had a few things change, my surgery brought forward (going in tomorrow) and also the change in consultant as I am no longer having the LLETZ but a cone biopsy but no one actually told me this, it was only when I questioned why it was a different consultant that I was told this, so now unsure of what is actually happening or if it is worse than they have said but hopping to get some answers tomorrow.

If you have anything else you want to ask or questions once you get your letter just send me a message.

Thanks Nicola, really appreciate your reply. Hopefully the letter shows up tomorrow…

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So the letter arrived and said they found CIN3. They said they also identified pre-cancerous cells in the gland cells of the cervix and that because these are located within the canal of the cervix they may not have been completely removed and they advise further treatment I.e. the LLETZ treatment again.

I don’t really know what the part about the gland cells means but I guess it’s round 2 for me on 26 July.

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Glad you got the letter and a date.

I also got told I have CIN III with micro cancer cells, I’m just at hospital waiting for my 2nd procedure, they have said that it will be upto the consultant on what procedure they do once they have had a look, could be LLETZ again or the knife cone biopsy.
I have been told today that they will be taking a section from the canal, just have my fingers crossed that this will be the final procedure and that it hasn’t gone anywhere else or I have to have another procedure as they still didn’t get it all as have been advised this could be the case.

My letter says it’ll be the same procedure again, I guess I’ll have to wait and ask my questions at the appointment. Cone biopsy seems fairly usual (according to Dr Google who obviously doesn’t know everything) and if that seems like it might be needed I’ll try to avoid the LLETZ and go for the general anaesthetic option. Also if it’ll be a longer LLETZ than before I may request GA, I’m not sure. It was fairly stressful last time.

I guess the uncertainty continues until they’re sure they’ve gotten it all.

My letter said that I would have the same procedure but then they changed it, but didn’t tell me that, until I questioned a few things!
I also used dr google and found that the cone biopsy is not that common, which scared me a little more. I’ve also been told that they are sending my biopsy off as urgent so hopefully the results will be back in the next 2-3 weeks!
I’m now back on the ward and waiting for the doctor to come round and give me an update.

From what I was told I think if it’s the second LLETZ they do under anaesthetic as they have to go in a bit deeper and it is not comfortable to do whilst your awake.

I just had the not knowing and waiting for results.

Keep me updated on your progress and if you want to talk, then just send me a message.

My appointment is on the 26th so I have a bit of a wait. Glad you are all done, even though you’re back to the waiting game… I have health insurance through work and maybe I’ll see if they have any advice on it. I had understood the gland cells to be further in as well hence cone biopsy.

Fingers crossed your results are quick and all clear.

Good luck for the 26th, let me know how you get on.

They haven’t mentioned gland cells to me so I can’t help on that one.

Thank you and I have my fingers crossed