Results from LLetz?

Hiya ladies, wondered how all of you are doing and how long it took for you to get your results after lletz ? 


Had mine over 4 weeks ago, and heard nothing, seen my gp and she has had nothing so im anxious!


It took 6 weeks for me to get my biopsy results as it got sent to MDT, now im getting worried somethings shown up and has been sent to MDT again...


think im just freaking myself out atm, constantly running to the loo feeling like i need to wee atm due to anxiety, plus just had my first period since treatment and its SO heavy :(


Hi Ruby

You seem to have been waiting an awfully long time? I am a believer that "no news is good news" though. I was diagnosed with CC after my LLETZ and I had a phonecall exactly 2 weeks after my LLETZ.

I would be EXTREMELY surprised if your LLETZ threw up any surprises and you hadn't already been told. Can you not contact the clinic where it was done to chase tomorrow? 


This whole process has been long and drawn out! it did say on my letter it would take 4-6 weeks and thats FAR too long :(

The joke is my smear came back as mild changes, then the biopsy came back severe changes cin3 so it just didnt match up, feel like my body likes to throw in a few suprises!!

I rang them before and was told quite rudely if i hadnt heard in 6 weeks to call back!!





Can't believe you still haven't heard that's so unfair. I would be surprised if it was anything bad though if you're having to wait so long. I think I also heard exactly 2 weeks after when it was cc. Keep ringing the colp unit and explain that you're very anxious and it's affecting your ability to get on with day to day activities. Fingers crossed for you xxx

Its so annoying isnt it! I think because these clinics deal with this everyday, it becomes "business as usual" for them and they forget the emotional side.

I would still ring again tomorrow. I would rather suffer a snotty receptionist and nag for results than spend more time worrying. Who carried out your LLETZ? A consultant carried mine out and when I had an issue, I rang his secretary to complain and it got resolved pretty quick xxx