Waiting for colposcopy results

Hey everybody I am new to this forum and just looking for some support. 

I recently got my smear test results back which showed the HPV virus was present and I have low grade dyskaryosis. 

I have been for my colposcopy where the doctor took a punch biopsy. It took a little longer than expected as I bled more than usual.

Before I received my smear test results, I had not been experiencing any other symptoms such as abnormal bleeding or pain. So I was really scared and upset when I received these results, my last smear 3 years ago was clear.

I am now waiting for the results which I should receive in just under 2 weeks time. I'm struggling with anxiety and sleepless nights, it's all getting a bit too much to deal with. frown I'm 27 and this was my second smear test. I'm just looking for some friends who are going through or have been through it too.

Thank you!

Danielle xx

Hi Danielle. I'm really sorry to hear how worried you are. I'm not in the same position as you now but I remember the fear getting that letter. I've had treatment and now am having normal smears. I know how scary it is but please be reassured that what you have it actually very common and very easily treated or may correct itself if only low grade. My consultant said something like 80% of adults will get hpv at some point. Please don't let your mind run away with you. I have several friends who've had abnormal smears, my best friend had hpv and low grade changes, went back in a year and was hpv negative and normal smear. A few friends have had treatment with lletz and had normal smears since. I was unfortunate in that I had early cancer but that was fully removed and my smears are now normal and negative hpv. You can help yourself my boosting your bodies immune system, take a good vitamin with folic acid, drink green tea, don't smoke as that's known to cause cervical problems. I know it's hard but try and distract yourself and don't let it overwhelm you. I hope you get your results back soon and get be reassured x

Hi I'm 41 normal smears, 

low abdo pain and back pain and just received letter that said HPV + moderate dyskaryosis colposcopy tues , terrified I have invasive cc that's spread xx

Hi there!

Thank you so much for your reply. I'm sorry to hear about what you had to go through, but I couldn't be happy that your treatment was successful and you are now getting normal smears.

I am feeling much better today and ready to take on whatever results I am about to get. smile

Thank you for your support xx


I'm feeling the same, I've been waiting 2 weeks for the results and am worried and anxious. 

I've tried to stop googling symptoms now. Of which I have many.

It's hard waiting so long. 


Aww I hope your colposcopy goes well and you get some reassuring results soon, do let me know how you get on xx

Please let me know how you get on, I'm sure you will be getting your results soon. Best of luck! Xx


I'm the same, still waiting after 5 weeks! Consultant did say 4-6 weeks for results though! It's so hard. Keep your chin up 


Thank you!

It shouldn't be long now until you get your results. Let me know how you get on. Wishing you the best of luck x

Hello ladies I had my 5th colposcopy with three punch biopsy yesterday,I’m super sore! But the doctor did not tell me much? She said this smear was worse than the last so might need treatment? She didn’t say lletz but one where they take 1cm away? But said to make sure we will take biopsy first.she didn’t say anything during this which really scared me and when finished said we’ll contact you in three weeks and if we do you will have to be treated? My letter said hpv and high grade cells (moderate) in brackets so I’m left super worried now 

Hi everyone, I'm at the same stage awaiting on biopsy results. It's hellish. How are you all now? X